The Rest of the Morning Doxology :: Piouwini `nta`vmyi


Piouwini `nta`[email protected] vy`eter`[email protected] `erwmi [email protected] e;nyou `epikocmoc.

Ak`i `[email protected] hiten [email protected] a]`ktycic [email protected] ;elyl qa pekjin`i.

Akcw] `[email protected] `ebol qen ]`[email protected] `aker Eua `[email protected] qen ninakhi `nte `vmou.

Ak] nan `[email protected] `nte ][email protected] enhwc en`cmou `[email protected] nem nek`aggeloc.

Qen `pjin`;ref`i nan `[email protected] `nje `vnau `[email protected] `w P=,=c Pennou]@ piouwini `nta`vmyi.

Marousai `[email protected] `nje nilogicmoc `nte [email protected] ouoh `mpen`;[email protected] `nje `p,aki `nnipa;oc.

Hina `ntenhwc `[email protected] `nno`ytoc nem [email protected] `enws [email protected] ouoh `enjw `mmoc.

Je auersorp `[email protected] `nje nabal `m`vnau `[email protected] `e`[email protected] qen nekcaji tyrou.

Cwtem `eten`[email protected] kata peknis] `[email protected] nahmen P=o=c Pennou]@ kata nekmetsenhyt.

V] [email protected] `nref`erpe;[email protected] [email protected] `nnefcwtp `nkalwc.

Pireferhemi `[email protected] `nny`etauvwt [email protected] `vref[isswou `nte ouon [email protected] nohem `ntououjai.

Qen tekmet`,[email protected] akcob] nan `mpi`[email protected] `ari`hmot nan `mpai`[email protected] `enoi `na;nobi.

`E;rener`pem`[email protected] `efai `nnenjij `e`[email protected] harok `mpek`m;[email protected] ,wric jwnt nem mokmek `efhwou.

Qen tai han`atoou`[email protected] coutwn nenmwit `[email protected] nem nenmwit `[email protected] qen `pounof `nte tek`ckepy.

`E;renjw `ntekme;[email protected] `n`ehoou [email protected] `ntenhwc `[email protected] nem Dauid pi`provytyc.

Je qen [email protected] P=,=c [email protected] `anenkot `[email protected] je` anerhelpic `erok.

Hyppe `oupe;[email protected] ie oupetholj `[email protected] e``p]ma] `nhan`[email protected] `eusop hi ouma.

[email protected] qen ou`agapy `[email protected] `neu`[email protected] kata ni`apoctoloc.

M`vry] `[email protected] `e]`ave `mP=,[email protected] `efnyou `ejen ][email protected] sa` `e`qryi `eni[alauj.

`Ef;whc `mmyni [email protected] niqelloi nem nialwou`[email protected] nem [email protected] nem nidi`akonictyc.

Nai `etafhotpou `[email protected] `nje Pi=p=n=a =e=;[email protected] `m`vry] `nouku;[email protected] eu`cmou `eV] `ncyou niben.

Qen hana'lmoc nem [email protected] nem hanhwdy `[email protected] `mpi`ehoou nem pi`[email protected] qen ouhyt `nat,arwf.

(E;be ]par;enoc)
N;o `;mau `[email protected] ettaiyout `mmacnou]@ `arefai qa [email protected] pi`a,writoc.

Menenca `;[email protected] are`ohi ereoi `mpar;[email protected] qen hanhwc nem han`[email protected] ten[ici `mmo.

Je `n;of qen [email protected] nem `p]ma] `[email protected] nem Pi=p=n=a =e=;[email protected] af`i afcw] `mmon.

Anon hwn [email protected] e;rensasni [email protected] hiten ne`precbi`[email protected] `ntotf `mpimairwmi.

Api`c;oinofi [email protected] `nte tepar;eni`[email protected] afsenaf `e`[email protected] sa pi`;ronoc `mViwt.

Ehote pi`c;[email protected] `nte ni<[email protected] nem [email protected] Mari`a ]par;enoc.

<ere ]ve `[email protected] ;y`eta Viwt ;[email protected] af,ac `nouma `[email protected] `mPefsyri `mmenrit.

<ere pi`;[email protected] `[email protected] `mvy`etoufai `[email protected] hijen ni<eroubim.

<ere ]`[email protected] `nte nen'u,[email protected] `n;o gar `aly;[email protected] pe `psousou `mpengenoc.

Ari`precbeuin `[email protected] `w ;ye;meh `n`[email protected] nahren [email protected] Pen=o=c I=y=c P=,=c.

Hopwc `[email protected] qen pinah] [email protected] ouoh `ntefer`hmot [email protected] `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.

Hiten ni`precbi`[email protected] `nte ];e`otokoc =e=;=u Mari`[email protected] P=o=c ari`hmot [email protected] `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.

(E;be niaggeloc)
Hananso `[email protected] nem han`;ba `n``;[email protected] `nar,[email protected] nem aggeloc =e=;=u.

Eu`ohi `[email protected] `mpe`m;o `mpi`;[email protected] `nte [email protected] euws `ebol eujw `mmoc.

Je `,ouab `,[email protected] `,ouab qen oume;[email protected] pi`wou nem pitai`[email protected] erprepi `n}`triac.

Hiten ni`[email protected] `nte `p,oroc tyrf `nte [email protected] P=o=c...

(E;be ni`apoctoloc)
Nenio] `n`[email protected] auhiwis qen nie;[email protected] qen [email protected] `nte I=y=c P=,=c.

A pou`qrwou [email protected] hijen `pkahi [email protected] ouoh noucaji [email protected] sa auryjc `n]oikoumeny.

Hiten nieu,[email protected] `nte na=o=c `nio] `n`[email protected] P=o=c `ari`hmot...

(E;be nimarturoc)
Han`,lom `[email protected] aftyitou `nje [email protected] hijen `p,oroc [email protected] `nte nimarturoc.

Aftoujwou [email protected] je auvwt [email protected] auersai [email protected] qen tefmetouro.

Hiten nieu,[email protected] `nte `p,oroc tyrf `nte [email protected] P=o=c....

(E;be nye;ouab)
Ny=e=;=u `[email protected] eu`e`cmou `[email protected] eu`ecaji `m`p`[email protected] `nte tekmetouro.

Tekmetouro Panou]@ oumetouro `n`[email protected] ouoh [email protected] sa nigene`a tyrou.

Hiten nieu,[email protected] `nte `p,oroc tyrf `nte ni`[email protected] nem ni`;myi nem [email protected] P=o=c...

(E;be nipatriar,yc nem ni`provytyc)
<ere [email protected] picovron `m`[email protected] nem [email protected] pefcwtp `mma;ytyc.

Pinis] `[email protected] qen ],wra `nte <[email protected] Markoc pi`[email protected] pecsorp `nneferhemi.

N;o pe `;mau `mV]@ Mari`a ]par;[email protected] twbh `mmof `[email protected] e;refnai qa pengenoc.

Pinis] `mpatriar,[email protected] peniwt abba [email protected] vyeta nef`cbwou`i =e=;[email protected] `erouwini `mpennouc.

Peniwt `n`[email protected] abba [email protected] afmisi `ejen pinah]@ oube niheretikoc.

Nem nenio] [email protected] `etauranaf `[email protected] `ere pou`cmou =e=;[email protected] swpi nan `nourefrwic.

Hiten noueu,[email protected] ari`hmot nan V]@ `mpi,w `ebol `nte [email protected] moi nan `noucw].

Neknai `w Panou]@ hanat[i`ypi `[email protected] ceos `[email protected] `nje nekmetsenhyt.

Niteltily `[email protected] ce`yp `ntotk [email protected] pikesw `nte `[email protected] ce,y nahren nekbal.

Ie auyr [email protected] ninobi `nte ta'u,[email protected] nai e;ouwnh `[email protected] `mpek`m;o Pa=o=c.

Ninobi [email protected] Pa=o=c `nnekerpoumeu`[email protected] oude `mper]`h;[email protected] `ena`anomi`a.

Je pitelwnyc [email protected] ]porny akcw] `[email protected] piconi etcaou`[email protected] Pa=o=c akerpefmeu`i.

Anok hw [email protected] qa [email protected] ma`tcaboi `nta`[email protected] `noumet`anaoi`a.

Je `,ouws `m`vmou [email protected] `mpirefernobi `m`vry] `nteftac;[email protected] `ntecwnq `nje tef'u,y.

Matac;on V]@ `eqoun `[email protected] ariou`i [email protected] kata tekmet`aga;oc.

Je `n;ok ou`aga;[email protected] ouoh `[email protected] maroutahon `n,[email protected] `nje nekmetsenhyt.

Senhyt qaron [email protected] P=o=c V] [email protected] ouoh nai [email protected] kata peknis] `nnai.

Nai `k`iri `mpoumeu`[email protected] `w pennyb P=,[email protected] ek`eswpi qen tenmy]@ ekws `ebol ekjw `mmoc.

Je tahiryny `[email protected] ]] `mmoc [email protected] `thiryny `[email protected] ],w `mmoc nemwten.

`Pouro `nte ][email protected] moi nan `[email protected] cemni nan `[email protected] ,a nennobi nan ebol.

Jwr `ebol `[email protected] `nte ]ekklyci`[email protected] `aricobt `[email protected] `nneckim sa `eneh.

Emmanouyl Pennou]@ qen tenmy] ][email protected] qen `p`wou `nte [email protected] nem Pi=p=na =e=;=u.

`Ntef`cmou `eron [email protected]`nteftoubo `[email protected]`nteftal[o `[email protected]`nte nen'u,y nem nencwma.

Tenouwst `mmok `w P=,[email protected] nem Pekiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem Pi=p=na =e=;[email protected] je auask akcw] `mmon.