12th: The Psalm (1st in Sad Tune) :: Au,at qen oulakkoc


Psalm 88:6 Psalm 23:4
Chanted in the Paschal Tune

المزمور 87: 4 مزمور 22: 3
يُرتّل باللحن الحزاينى

You have laid me in the lowest pit, In darkness, in the depths. Alleluia.

Au,at qen oulakkoc [email protected] qen hanma `n,aki nem `tqyibi `m`vmou.

جعلونى فى جب سفلى. فى مواضع مظلمة وظلال الموت.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me. Alleluia.

`Eswp aisanmosi qen `;my]=o=c n`tqyibi `m`[email protected] `nnaerho] qa`thy `nhan pethwou je `n;ok `k,y nemyi.

وان سلكت فى وسط ظلال الموت فلا أخشى من الشر لأنك معى. هلليلويا.