Aspasmos Adam :: Hyppe aferme;re :: اسبسمس آدام


Behold John the Baptist has witnessed, saying "I baptized the Lord, in the waters of the Jordan.

Hyppe aferme;[email protected] `nje Iwannyc [email protected] je ai]wmc `m`[email protected] qen nimwou `nte Piiordanyc.

ها قد شهد، يوحنا الصابغ، "أني عمدَّت الرب، في مياه الأردن.

And I heard the voice, of the Father proclaiming, `This is My beloved Son, with whom I am pleased.´"

Ouoh aicwtem `e`t`[email protected] `nte `Viwt ecws `[email protected] je vai pe Pasyri [email protected] `etai]ma] `nqytf.

وسمعت صوت، الآب صارخاً: أن هذا هو إبني الحبيب، الذي به سررت."

That we may praise You ...

Hina `ntenhwc `erok ...

لكيْ نسبحك ...

Ha qad shaheda Youhana al-sabegh en-ni 'amad-to Rab fe me-iah El-ordon.



Wa same't sowte Al-ab sarekhan, anna haza howa ebne al-habib, al-laze behe sorerta.