1st Week


I praise you O pure Virgin,
Maria ti-par-thenos,
Your Lord has chosen you,
That He may save our souls.

Gabriel came to you with good news,
Saying: "Hail to you o Virgin,
O full of grace and joy,
The Lord is with you.'

The angelic messenger appeared,
Nem epsajee efgo emmos,
Je etis-maro-ot entho khenni-heiome,
Efis-maro-ot enje pi-karpos.

He appeared to Mary with joy,
And spoke with her,
You will bear and give birth to Emmanuel,
The Savior of the World.

The Spirit of God will come upon you,
The power of the Highest will overshadow you,
The holy Son of the Highest,
Will be born of you.

The lady of creation answered him,
"Without a man, how can I bear?
I have not known any man"
The angel answered her.

"Your beloved Elizabeth,
Advanced in years and days,
Is with child, in the sixth month,
Nothing is impossible with the Lord.

With faith, she bore in her womb,
The holy Lord dwelt in Mary,
She went quickly to her kinswoman,
And entered the house of Zachariah.

When Elizabeth heard,
The voice of Mary ti-parthenos,
In her womb did leap,
Io-annes pi-eprod-romos.

Mary bore the fire of Divinity,
She became the throne,
She carried the Lord of Sabbaoth,
Who is worshiped by all the hosts.

Our father Adam disobeyed,
Deceived by Satan the evil,
The serpent invaded his thoughts,
He obeyed the advice of the Devil.

When he followed the liar,
He was exiled out of Paradise,
He disobeyed the Lord of lords,
Naked and exposed, He was cast outside.

Adam was afraid and bemused,
His mind became confused,
God the Judge had compassion,
He incarnated of the virgin.

He saved Adam and his race,
And broke the power of Satan,
He released His chosen saints,
To Paradise they returned.

He healed us with His gifts,
Through Mary the Virgin,
He bestowed His great grace,
We became joyful after much distress.

David your father said of you,
And explained in the Psalms,
The God of gods appeared from you,
The Savior of the world.

You were called the mother of Masias,
You exceeded all ranks of ni-angelos,
Isaiah has spoken of you,
As you were prophesied about by Amos.

John saw you as a woman,
Shining in precious clothes,
Walking above the clouds of heaven,
On her head was the sun and stars.

Moses saw you as a bush,
Its branches engulfed in flames,
The fire did not consume it,
The bush is the mother of Jesus.

Ezekiel saw you as a gate,
Towards the east sealed shut,
The God of truth entered in,
And exited and it remained shut.

The curse and shame were removed,
Through Efnouti pi-Loghos,
You are of the righteous offspring,
Owoh ep-thelel enze-keos.

He removed all sadness,
And saved all who were captives,
And ended the delusion of Satan,
Who became humiliated and defeated.

A heaven and example, you became,
O holy without blemish,
Hail to you, joy of all generations,
O Mary, Mother of Jesus.

They likened her to a golden censer,
Placed in ti-kivotos,
Every tongue praises her,
Ti-shelet en-katharos.