Order of Matins


Order of Matins

Matins Raising of Incense is prayed like the Vespers Raising of Incense with the following observations:

+ The Litany for the Sick and the Litany for the Oblations are said instead of the Litany for the Departed.

+ The priest prays "Efnouti nai nan" and the deacons answer "Kyrie leison" three times in the long tune.

+ The hymn "All You Heavenly Orders" is chanted.

+ The Procession: they proceed around the altar and the church three times carrying the Resurrection icon only as they sing "Ekhrestos anisti", "A Pikhrestos ana-limipsees" and "Pikhrestos aftonf .. afshenaf .. afou-orp nan."

+ The Litany of the Gospel is prayed.

+ The Psalm is chanted in the Singari tune followed by the Psalm Response.

+ The Gospel Response of Matins is said.

+ The people say the concluding prayers.