Adam Days: refers to Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Adam: also refers to the tune said on those days.

Antiphonarium: Known in Arabic as The Difnar, it is a book similar to the Synaxarium where the saints of the day are remembered. However, unlike the Synaxarium, the first few lines are sung antiphoncally. i.e. not in chorus but in alternating responsive parts.

Batos Days: refers to Wednesdays, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

Batos: also refers to the tune said on those days. 

Canticle: Known in Arabic and Coptic as Hoos, is a song or hymn with words taken from the Bible.

Doxology: Taken from the Greek language, it means a glorification.

Hos: is the Coptic word for Canticle.

Lobsh: is a Coptic word which means an explanation

Psali: is a Greek word which means chant.

Theotokia: is Greek word. It is a glorification to the Theotokos, The Mother of God Saint Mary.