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  • In case anyone comes to read this and has not read my reply on your other thread...I will post here, too. I was a believer (not an orthodox--I came to Christ on my own through a search for meaning when I was 19) but my husband was not.  I knew the …
  • Union Square--nice place to go have coffee!  :)  I say go, but in this way: Meet him there.  Have a set time that you are going to meet and that you are going to leave beforehand.  In other words, if he wants it to be at night (and you don't want it…
  • I am sorry--I think I confused you by what I had written about divorcing.  I know this is off topic, but I wanted to clarify what happened, briefly. I see now that you thought I meant that I got a divorce because I was a believer and my husband was…
  • The Bible says (Paul) that "A true Jew is anyone whose heart is right with God" (Living Bible)--so that who we seem to be on the outside is of little consequence compared to whether or not our hearts have been circumcised by the Lord. I think ther…
  • I see that you are a young person, only fifteen years old.  I am far older than that, and I, too, struggle with believing anymore.  For you, you are just starting out in your life and even if you have had heartache, it has not had years to catch up …