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  • how do u know that?
  • i assume she would have, i mean how else will she have given birth?
  • thank you so much
  • WMA, mazza here lol Ok, now what your experiencing is perfectly normal. We'll begin with this belief of questioning your faith. Let me tell you, you are not the only one. How many of us, raised into the Coptic Church have actually questioned it? Do…
  • Anything by H.G Bishop Angelos. That man is a legend. His sermons are so heart-warming and like awaken you to reality. I've only heard the following of his sermons: (but I am positive that the rest are as good, if not, better) - Prayer- Back to Bas…
    in BEST SERMONS Comment by mazza July 2006
  • Put yourself in your parents situation, even if you knew the parents, would you want your children to sleep over at someone else's house? I know I'd never let my children.
    in sleep overs Comment by mazza July 2006
  • lol, it's ok ;D
  • yea, its good but its in coptic lol
  • sorry to bug you again shnoods, but the american 'rejoice o mary' has a different tune to the one we sing in sydney. Do you have an australian one lol
  • wel thank god, here in australia it aint like that at all! we do dance, and eat and have an awards ceremony, but ours (well my scool anyway) is sooooooooooo formal, even our parents HAVE to attend. i know this isnt the case for other scools, and ma…
    in Prom? Comment by mazza July 2006
  • thank you so much shnoods
  • not really, annulment is the invalidation of a marriage, by declaration stating that the marriage was never valid. This occurs in the catholic church and takes a few years to be carried out. It allows one to be re-married because the annulment dec…
  • [quote author=minagir link=board=11;threadid=4087;start=15#msg57211 date=1151978579] well it's a kind of feeling that you get when yoiu see someone who did somthing good for you, who is very nice to you, who would make you special. it's like love bu…
  • Yes I can see that, however, who gives one the right to name someone a liar, drunk, suicidal; or even call someone ugly?
    in Just remember Comment by mazza July 2006
  • a crush is not love, lust, or adultry. and it's not based on emotions either. so if it's not those three, then what is it?
  • wow, I'm speechless. Isn't that a tad insulting?
    in Just remember Comment by mazza July 2006
  • no, it's fine to have feelings, but to think bad thoughts or look at someone in a sinful manner, that's considered adultry. Hope I clarified some things
  • i personally believe that a crush is rarely 'purely emotional'- there is more often than not, a physical element associated with it
  • Does the COC believe in annulment?
  • can you imagin the poor kid who hit the chalice and made the blood fall- how embarrassing :-\
    in Communion Comment by mazza July 2006
  • Oh my goodness people, why are you so concerned? We're all still young! Live your life and enjoy it, marriage will come later, when the LORD (hence my emphasis on Lord) allows it.
  • welcome aboard Heidi, Hope to hear your input about the issues arising in the site's forums. God Bless, Mazza
    in neww Comment by mazza July 2006
  • I know, how scary is that because you always assume that you never brake the commandments, and when you think of the word 'adultry' you think of this horrible sin, but nevertheless, looking at someone or thinking about someone in a sinful way is tru…
  • around the ages of 13-15, it is common to experience these 'crushes', however, it is not a good idea to follow these crushes. By this I mean, it's fine to like a guy (it is of human nature to have these sorts of feelings), but to go out on date or g…
  • bring me her CD next week ;)
  • don't be rude 'why', its a tragic story! Have some sympathy
  • how many units do you have?
  • As stated previously, intimacy varies between couples in the 'engagement' process. I have personally seen coptic couples occassionally hold hands and hug, however, there are others who simply walk next to each other and there is no sign of physical …
  • yes, this happens to me all the time. But I personally think it is quite amusing.
  • what? Can you repeat what happened...