Psali Watos for the Wedding of Cana of Galilee :: Aiws `nta`cmy `e`pswi harok

Feast of the Wedding of Cana of Galilee

Wagdi Bishara


I cried with voice to You, entreating with all my heart, give comfort to Your servant, and save the son handmaiden.
Everyone looks up to You, O lover of mankind, and also all the animals, for You give them their food.

Aiws `nta`cmy `e`pswi [email protected] qen pahyt tyrf aikw] `[email protected] ma`p`amahi `[email protected] nohem `psyri `ntekbwki.
Bon niben `nte ][email protected] cenau `erok `w [email protected] `eti de nem nitebnwou`[email protected] je `n;ok e;na]`ntou `qrenwou.

صرخت بصوتي إليك ومن كل قلبي طلبتك أعط عزاً لعبدك وخلص ابن أمتـَك.
كل البشرية تتطلع إليك يا محب البشر وكذلك الحيوانات لأنك أنت الذي تعطيهم طعامهم.

+ For You are our hope, on Judgment day, our helper in our tribulations, that have hit us.
+ O Master Jesus Christ, the One in truth, with Your Good Father, and the Spirit the Paraclete.

+ Ge gar `n;ok [email protected] qen pi`ehoou `nte ]`[email protected] penbo`y;oc qen nen`;lu'[email protected] `etaujemten `emasw.
+ Decpota I=y=c P=,[email protected] pi`omooucioc `aly;[email protected] nem Pekiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem pi=p=n=a `mparaklytoc.

لأنك أنت هو رجاؤنا في يوم الدينونة معيننا في شدائدنا التي أصابتنا جداً.
أيها السيد يسوع المسيح المساوي بالحقيقـة مع أبيك الصالح والروح المعزي.

The heavens witness, to His wonders and powers, praise the Lord with a new song, praise the Lord all the earth.
Six jars of water, You have changed into chosen wine, with great glory, in Cana of Galilee.

Euouwnh `nnef`[email protected] `nje nivyou`i nem [email protected] hwc `eP=o=c qen ouhwc `[email protected] hwc `eP=o=c `pkahi tyrf.
Coou (^) `nhudri`a `[email protected] ouyrp etcwtp akou`wteb `[email protected] `ebolhiten peknis] `n`[email protected] qen Kana `nte ]Galile`a.

السموات تعترف بعجائبه وقدرته سبحوا الرب تسبحة جديدة سبحوا الرب يا كل الأرض.
ستة أجران ماء حولتها خمراً مختاراً بعظم مجدك في قانا الجليل.

+ For many are Your hosts, that You have made with Your power, for You have heard the whining of, those that are chained.
+ Isaiah and Elijah, Moses and Jeremiah, have called You the Messiah, which means the Christ.

+ Zeos gar ne [email protected] ny`etakaitou qen [email protected] je `akcwtem `epifi`[email protected] `nte nyethwou`i `mpedyc.
+ `Yca`yac nem `[email protected] nem Mw`ucyc nem [email protected] aumou] `erok je [email protected] vy`esau ouah mefje P=,=c.

لأنها كثيرة هي القوات التي صنعتها بقوتك لأنك سمعت تنهد المطروحين في القيود.
أشعياء وإيليـا وموسي وأرميا دعوك ماسيا الذي تفسيره المسيح.

Gather now all you people, the sons of the Orthodox, to praise Christ, the Son of God in truth.
Since the ages and forever, You are the King of the ages, be with us till the end of days, for Yours is the glory.

:wou] tyrou `w [email protected] nisyri `nor;[email protected] `ntenhwc `eI=y=c P=,[email protected] `psyri `mV] qen oume;myi.
Icjen `p`eneh nem sa `[email protected] `n;ok pe `pouro `nte ni`[email protected] swpi neman sa ni`[email protected] `ere pi`wou er`prepi nak.

اجتمعوا يا جميع الشعوب أبناء الأرثوذكسيـين لنسبح المسيح أبن اللـه بالحقيقـة.
منذ الدهور وإلي الأبد أنت هو ملك الدهور كن معنا إلي الآباد لأن بك يليق المجد.

+ According to Your mercy have mercy on me, with Your knowledge teach me, have mercy on me O God and have mercy, for my soul have entreated You.
+ All the peoples speak of, Your great humbleness, for Your commandments, and are sweater than honey.

+ Kata peknai P=o=c nai [email protected] qen pekemi ma`[email protected] nai nyi V] ouoh nai [email protected] je ac,a `h;yc `erok `nje ta'u,y.
+ Laoc niben euerou`[email protected] qen peknis] `n;ebi`[email protected] ceholj `hote pi`ebi`[email protected] nem pinyni `nje nekentoly.

كرحمتك يا رب ارحمني وبمعرفتك علمني ارحمني يا اللـه ثم ارحمني لأن نفسي التجأت إليك.
كل الشعوب تحدث بتواضعك العظيم لأن وصاياك أحلي من العسل والشهـد.

Let my heart rejoice by Your name, O merciful for You are, the God of compassion, and many are Your mercies O righteous One.
All the nations that You have made, worship Your glory, O my Lord Jesus comfort them, for You are our helper.

Marefounof `nje [email protected] qa`thy `mpekran `w [email protected] je `n;ok ounou] `[email protected] nase peknai `wpi`;myi.
Nye;noc tyrou `etak;ami`[email protected] eu`eouwst nahren pek`[email protected] Pa=o=c I=y=c manom] [email protected] je `n;ok pe penbo`y;oc.

فليفرح قلبي باسمك أيها الرحوم لأنك إله متحنن وكثيرة هي رحمتك أيها البار.
كل الأمم التي صنعتها تسجد أمام مجدك يا ربي يسوع عـزَّهم لأنك عوننا.

+ Blessed are You O Jesus Christ, with Your Good Father, and the Spirit the Paraclete, that is One with you.
+ For Yours is the power, the many glorifications, let us say Amen Alleluia, for glory of due to our Lord.

+ Xmarwout `w I=y=c P=,[email protected] nem Pekiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem pi=p=n=a `[email protected] `n`omooucioc nemak.
+ Ouoh ecer`prepi nak `nje ]xouci`[email protected] nem hanmys `ndoxologi`[email protected] marenjoc je `amyn [email protected] je pi`wou va pennou] pe.

تباركت يا يسوع المسيح مع أبيك الصالح والروح المعزي المساوي معك .
ويليق بك السلطان والتماجيد الكثيرة فلنقـل آمين هلليلويا لأن المجد لإلهنا.

Give salvation to Your people, and Your church, and bless Your inheritance, and shepherd them until the end.
Hear us and keep us, bless us and have compassion on us, overshadow us with, the shadow of Your wings.

Peklaoc nem tekekklyci`[email protected] moi nwou `noucwtyri`[email protected] `cmou `etek`klyronomi`[email protected] ouoh `amoni `mmwou sa ]cunteli`a.
(Rwic `eron tyren [email protected] `ebolha nimeu`i tyrou ethwou [email protected] je `n;ok gar pe [email protected] `nLogoc `nsyri `nte Viwt.)

أعطِ خلاصاً لشعبك وكنيستك بارك ميراثك وأرعهم إلي الإنقضاء.
أسمعنا واحفزنا باركنا وترأف علينا وظللنا تحت ستر جناحيك.

+ We ask of Your kindness, O the only-begotten Son, for we are weak, give us live through Your mercy.
+ O Son of God, Jesus Christ have mercy upon, Your people and my poor self, for I am poor and weak.

+ Cwtem `eron `areh `[email protected] `cmou `eron senhyt [email protected] ekerqyibi ``e`hryi `[email protected] qa ]`ckepy `nte nektenh.
+ Tentwbh `ntekmet`[email protected] `w `psyri `[email protected] je `anon enoi `nac;[email protected] matanqon e;be peknai.

نطلب من لطفك أيها الإبن الوحيد الجنس لأننا ضعفاء أحينا من أجل رحمتك.
يا ابن اللـه يسوع المسيح اصنع رحمة مع شعبك وحقارتي لأني مسكين وضعيف.

Deliver us O Lord by Your name, hear us and have mercy on us, comfort us by Your will, and those who slept remember them.
Forgive me for I am a sinner, and teach me Your ways, attend O Lord to my tears, and the sick heal them.

Uioc :eoc I=y=c P=,[email protected] `ariounai nem [email protected] nem tamet`ela,[email protected] je `anok ouhyki ouoh oujwb.
V] nahmen qen [email protected] cwtem `eron ouoh nai [email protected] qen pekouws manom] [email protected] ny`etauenkot `aripoumeu`i.

نجنا يا اللـه باسمك وأسمعنا وأرحمنا وعزنا بإرادتك والذين رقدوا اذكرهم.
أغفر لي فإني خاطئ وعلمني طرقك أنصت يا اللـه إلي دموعي والمرضي اشفهم.

+ O Savior of the world, Jesus the King of peace, I praise You at all times, and at all times praise Your holy name.
+ O King of all the kings, O great Shepherd, O name full of Glory, keep the leaders (kings) of the earth.

+ <w nyi `ebol je `anok [email protected] ma`cbwnyi `enekmitwou`[email protected] [i `cmy V] `enaermwou`[email protected] nyetswni matal[wou.
+ "wtyr `n][email protected] Iyc `pouro `nte ][email protected] ]na`cmou `erok `[email protected] `mmyni ]na`cmou `epekran =e=;=u.

يا مخلص المسكونة يسوع ملك السلام أباركك دائماً ودائماً أبارك اسمك القدوس.
يا ملك الملوك أيها الراعي العظيم أيها الاسم المملوء مجداً احفظ رؤساء (ملوك) الأرض.


+ `W `pouro `nte [email protected] `w pinis] `mman`[email protected] `w piran e;meh `n`[email protected] niourwou (niar,y) `nte `pkahi `areh `erwou.