1st of the Sahidic :: Axioc `e`aumou] `eroc :: الأول من الصعيدي

Advent Hymns

Higher Institute of Coptic Studies


You are worthy to be called, the chaste and undefiled, Mary the true queen, the second tabernacle.

Axioc `e`aumou] `[email protected] je ]`at;wleb `[email protected] Maria ]ourw `n`aly;[email protected] ]mah`cnou] `n`ckuny.

مستحقة أن تدعي الغير الدنسة العفيفة. مريم الملكة الحقيقية. القبة الثانية.

For the Spirit the Paraclete, dwelled in you through God, the Lord of the ages, you carried for our salvation.

Je api`Pneuma `[email protected] `i `ejwc `ebolhiten V]@ ouoh P=o=c `nni`[email protected] `arefai qarof e;be pencw].

لأن الروح المعزي حل عليها من قبل الله. ورب الدهور حملته من أجل خلاصنا.

For out of you He shone unto us, Christ the Governor, and saved us from the mouth, of the enemy of the humans.

Af`i nan `ebol`nqy]@ `nje P=,=c piRef`[email protected] afcw] `mmon `ebolqen ouho]@ `nte pijaji `nte ]metrwmi.

خرج لنا منك المسيح المدبر وخلصنا من خوف عدو البشر.

Let Him come upon us, with His mercy and truth, we may be granted them, for they are His true comfort.

Maref`i `e`hryi `[email protected] `nje pefnai nem tefme;[email protected] eu`eswpi [email protected] `n;wou pe `pnom] `mmyi.

فلتأت علينا برحمته وعدله وليدركانا لأنهما عزاه حقيقي.

Therefore we glorify You, proclaiming with Gabriel saying, "Hail to you of full of grace, Mary the Mother of Emmanuel."

E;be vai ten]`wou [email protected] enws `ebol nem [email protected] je ,ere ke ,[email protected] Maria `;mau `nEmmanouyl.

فلهذا نمجدك ونصرخ، مع غبريال قائلين، السلام لك يا ممتلئة نعمة، مريم أم عمانوئيل.