8th Part of the Saturday Theotokia - (Aretin-thonti) :: (Areten;wn] `e]mouki)

Great Lent Hymns

Higher Institute of Coptic Studies


The Eighth Part:

القطعة الثامنة:

You were likened to the ladder, which Jacob saw, rising up to heaven, with the awesome God standing above it.

Areten;wn] `e][email protected] ;y`etaIakwb nau `[email protected] ec[oci sa `e`hryi `e`[email protected] `ere P=o=c hijwc qen ouho].

شبهت بالسلم. الذى رآه يعقوب. مرتفعا الى السماء. والرب المخوف عليه.

+ We hail the one who did accept, the Uncircumscript in her womb, and her virginity, was sealed from all sides.

+ <ere ne `[email protected] `w ;y`etacswp `eroc `mpi`a,[email protected] qen tecmytria `mpar;[email protected] ouoh ecsotem `ncaca niben.

سلامنا الى من قبلت. غير المحوى فى بطنها. وبتوليتها مختومة. من كل ناحية.

You have become our intercessor, before God our Savior, who became incarnate of you, for our salvation.

Areswpi nan `nou`[email protected] nahren V] penrefcw]@ vy`etaf[icarx `ebol`nqy]@ e;be penoujai.

صرت لنا شفيعه. أمام الله مخلصنا. الذى تجسد منك. لآجل خلاصنا.

+ Hail to you O full of grace, hail to you who has found grace, hail to you who has given birth to Christ, the Lord is with you.

+ <ere ;ye;meh `n`[email protected] ,ere ;y`etacjem `[email protected] ,ere ;y`etacmec P=,[email protected] ouoh P=o=c sop neme.

السلام لك يا ممتلئة نعمة. السلام لك يا من وجدت نعمة. السلام لك يا من ولدت المسيح. الرب معك.