Gospel Response :: =A=l.. I=y=c..af`cmou

Feast of the Wedding of Cana of Galilee

Wagdi Bishara


Alleluia alleluia, alleluia alleluia, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, blessed the water and changed it into wine.

Allylouial [email protected] =a=l [email protected] I=y=c P=,=c `Psyri `mV]@ af`cmou `enimwou afaitou `nyrp.

هلليلويا هلليلويا هلليلويا هلليلويا يسوع المسيح ابن الله بارك المياه فصيرها خمراً.

This is He to whom the glory is due, with His Good Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever.

Vai ere pi`wou er`[email protected] nem Pefiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem pi`Pneuma e;[email protected] icjen ]nou nem sa `eneh.

هذا الذي ينبغي له المجد مع أبيه الصالح والروح القدس من الأن وألي الأبد.

Blessed be the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the perfect Trinity. We worship Him and glorify Him.

Je `f`cmarwout `nje Viwt nem [email protected] nem Pi`pneuma =e=;[email protected] }`triac etjyk `[email protected] tenouwst `mmoc ten]`wou nac.

مبارك الآب والابن والروح القدس، الثالوث الكامل، نسجد له ونمجده.