The spiritual garment (Al-hola) :: }`ctoly `m`pneumatikon :: الحُلة الروحانية

Rite of Coptic Weddings

Higher Institute of Coptic Studies


The spiritual garment, with which Michael is arrayed, and the girdle of pearls, with which Michael is adorned.

}`ctoly `m`[email protected] au]hiwtf `mMi,[email protected] ouoh piqwk `[email protected] aumyr `mMi,ayl `mmof.

الحُلة الروحانية، المُلتحف بها ميخائيل، والمَنطَقة الجوهرية، تمنطق بها ميخائيل.

The garment of chastity, was given to this bridegroom, and the crown of gladness, is set upon his head.

}`ctoly `noucwvrocuny autyic `ejen [email protected] ouoh pi`,lom `nte `p;[email protected] autyif `ejen tef`ave.

حُلَّة العفاف، أُعطيت لهذا العريس، وإكليل البهجة، وُضع على رأسه.

As David the hymnist, has said, “Glory and honor, You have made a crown upon him.”

Kata `vry] `[email protected] `nje Dauid [email protected] je ou`wou nem [email protected] aktyitou `nou`,lom `ejwf.

مثل الذي قاله، داود المرتل، "مجداً وكرامة، جعلتها تاجاً عليه."

You have overtaken him, with the blessing of Your goodness, You have set upon him, a crown of precious stones.

Akersorp `[email protected] qen pi`cmou `nte tekmet`,[email protected] ak,w hijwf `nou`,[email protected] `ebol qen ou`wni eftai`yout.

أدركته، ببركة صلاحك، ووضعت على رأسه إكليلاً، من حجرٍ كريم.

He asked life of You O Lord, and You have given him, the length of days, forever and ever amen.

Af`eretin `mmok `nouwnq `P[[email protected] ouoh aktyif [email protected] `vouei `nte han`[email protected] sa `eneh `nte pi`eneh `amyn.

سألك حياة يا رب، فأعطيته، طول الأيام، إلى أبد الآبدين آمين.