Conclusion of Adam Theotokeias

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


Your mercies O my God, are countless, and exceedingly plenteous, are Your compassions.

All the rain drops, are counted by You, and the sand of the Sea, is before Your eyes.

How much more are, the sins of my soul, manifest before You, O my Lord.

The sins that I have committed, do not remember my Lord, and do not count, my iniquities.

For You have chosen the publican, and the adulteress You have saved, and the right hand thief, my Lord You have remembered.

And I too, the sinner, teach me O my Lord, to offer repentance.

For You do not desire, the death of a sinner, but rather that he returns, and that his soul may live.

Restore us O God, to Your salvation, and deal with us, according to Your goodness.

For You are good, and merciful, let Your compassion, speedily come to us.

Have compassion upon us all, O Lord God our Savior, and have mercy upon us, according to Your great mercy.

Remember those, O Christ our Master, be among us, and proclaim and say.

"My peace I, Give to You, the peace of My Father, I leave with you."

O King of peace, grant us Your peace, render unto us Your peace, and forgive us our sins.

Disperse the enemies, of the Church, and fortify her that she, may not be shaken forever.

Emmanuel our God, is in our midst, with the glory of His Father, and the Holy Spirit.

May He bless us all, and purify our hearts, and heal the sicknesses, of our soul and bodies.

We worship You O Christ, with Your good Father, and the Holy Spirit, for You have (risen) and saved us.