The Theotokeia - Tenth-Fifteenth Parts

English Midnight Praises - 2

St. Anthony Monastery, California


Tenth Part
You are more worthy, than all of the saints, to pray on our behalf, O full of grace.

You are exalted, more than the patriarchs, and honored more, than the prophets.

And you have a seeking, more special, than the Cherubim, and the Seraphim.

For you are truly, the pride of our race, and the intercessor, of our souls.

Intercede for us, before our Savior, that He may keep us firm, in the upright faith.

That He may grant us, the forgiveness of our sins, in order to win mercy, through your intercessions.

Eleventh Part
All the high names, of the incorporeal, thousands of angels, and archangels.

They did not attain, your high blessedness, O who is clothed in, the glory of the Lord of hosts.

You are brighter, than the sun, and more sparkling, than the Cherubim.

And the Seraphim, with the six wings, which are joyfully, hovering over you.

Twelfth Part
Your glory O Mary, is higher than heaven, you are more honored than the earth, and its inhabitants.

For you are truly, the real path, leading up, to the heavens.

You are clothed, with joy and gladness, and girdled with power, O daughter of Zion.

O who was clothed, with the garments of the heavenly, so that you covered Adam, with the garments of grace.

And restored him, to Paradise, the place of joy, and the dwelling of the righteous.

Thirteenth Part
A true tabernacle, is Mary the Virgin, placed in its midst, the true testimonies.

The undefiled ark, overlaid roundabout with gold, and the mercy seat, of the Cherubim.

The golden pot, where the manna was hidden, behold the Word of the Father, came and was incarnate of you.

The golden lampstand, carrying the true Light, who is the unapproachable, Light of the world.

The golden censer, carrying the live coal, and the chosen incense, with a rich aroma.

The rod of Aaron, that blossomed, and the holy flower, of incense.

All these together, direct us to, the miraculous Birth, O Virgin Mary.

Fourteenth Part
You decorated our souls, O Moses the prophet, by the honor of the tabernacle, which you have adorned.

The first tabernacle, which Moses had made, was the place of the forgiveness, for the children of Israel.

He made it with glory, as commanded by the Lord, and according to the patterns, shown unto him.

There was an ark, in the tabernacle, overlaid with gold, within and without.

There was a mercy seat, in the tabernacle, and the golden Cherubim, overshadowed it.

There was a golden pot, in the tabernacle, and a measure of the manna, was hidden in it.

There was a golden lampstand, in the tabernacle, and the seven lamps, shown upon it.

There was a golden censer, in the tabernacle, and the chosen aloe, was in its midst.

There was a flower of incense, in the tabernacle, smelled by all, the house of Israel.

There was the rod of Aaron, in the tabernacle, this which has blossomed, without planting or watering.

There was a golden table, in the tabernacle, and the oblation bread, was placed upon it.

There was a high priest, in the tabernacle, offering sacrifices, on account of the people's sins.

When the Almighty, smelled the aroma, He lifted up the sins, of the people.

Through Mary, the daughter of Joachim, we learned of the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

Fifteenth Part
Who can speak of, the honor of the tabernacle, which was decorated, by the prophet.

When the chosen scholars, of the holy books, saw it they, were greatly amazed.

They thought with, their enlightened minds, and explained it, through the holy books.

They called Mary, the daughter of Joachim, the true tabernacle, of the Lord of hosts.

They likened the ark, to the Virgin, and its chosen gold, to her purity.

They likened the mercy seat, to the Virgin, and the Cherubim of glory, overshadowing her.

They likened the golden pot, to the Virgin, and the measure of the manna, to our Savior.

They likened the golden candlestand, to the Church, and the seven lamps, to its seven orders.

They likened the golden censer, to the Virgin, and its aloes, to Emmanuel.

They likened the flower of incense, to Mary the Queen, and the chosen incense, to her virginity.

They likened the rod of Aaron, to the wood of the Cross, which my Lord was crucified upon, in order to save us.

They likened the golden table, to the altar, and the oblation bread, to the Body of the Lord.

They likened the high priest, to our Savior, the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

He who offered Himself, as an acceptable sacrifice, upon the Cross, for the salvation of our race.

His good Father, smelled Him, in evening, on Golgotha.

He opened the gate, of Paradise, and restored Adam, to his authority.

Through Mary, the daughter of Joachim, we learned of the true Sacrifice, for the forgiveness of sins.

And we also pray, that we may win mercy, through your intercessions, with the Lover of Mankind.