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  The Hymn of Intercessions
Hiten ni`precbia - Gabriyl Not owner
  Praxis Response
مرد الإبركسيس
<ere ;y`etacjem Not owner
  Psalm Response
مرد المزمور
Allylouia =a=l Not owner
  Gospel Response
مرد الإنجيل
Allylouia (=d) Not owner
  Adam Aspasmos
أسبسمس أدام
<ere }macnou] Not owner
  Aspasmos Watos
أسبسمس واطس
Afrek nivyou`i `nte nivyou`i Not owner
  Psalm 150 Response
مرد التوزيع
Iycouc Pi`,rictoc `Psyri `m`Vnou] Not owner
  Conclusion Response
مرد الختام
`Psyri `m`Vnou] Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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