Midnight Psalmody - 7 & 4

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  Commentary of the Workers (Doers)
طرح الفعلة
Pi`,rictoc Pencwter Not owner
  O M A R Y
يا م ر ى م
W Maria   Not owner
  Praise before Monday Theotokia   Not owner
  psali adam for the first hoos(a ebshoies)
إبصالية آدام على الهوس الاول
AP=o=c Erouro Not owner
  psali adam for the third hoos (tishepehmot)
]sep`hmot `ntotk Not owner
  End of Fourth Hoos Not owner
  The Kiahk Hoos
الهوس الكيهكي
Hwc `eP=o=c qen ouhwc `mberi Not owner
  Amen Alleluia
amen al
Amen Al   Not owner
  Hymn After First Hoos   Not owner
  Psali Adam on Second Hoos Apahyt nem palac  Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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