Fairuz Good Friday & Eastern Songs

Hymn Coptic English Arabic Options
  I am the Mourning Mother - Ana Al-om Al-hazeina   Not owner
  The Ways of Jerusalem Toroq Oroshalim     Not owner
  O My Congregation and Friend Ya Shabe wa Sah-be     Not owner
  Mary Arose Qamat Mariam     Not owner
  O Beloved - Wa Habebe     Not owner
  Today, was raised on a Wood Alyaowm 'oleqa 'ala Khashaba     Not owner
  O Christ the Life Ya Yaso Al-haiah   Not owner
  The Fullness of the Generations - Kamelol-Agial     Not owner
  Be Enlightened Esta-niri   Not owner
  Christ Has Risen Almasiho Qam Not owner

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Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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