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  • sorri but i hav 2 disagree wit most of u i think abouna cant stop any 1 from comunion unless they havent confessed or if they have done a relli big sin but having a party is alrrite but tha bellydancer thing isnt rite but tha person that told abouna…
  • Hiiiiiii guys THanx heaps 4 ur made sense... n e 1 got answers for 4 and 5 tho?? that would be appreciated!!! God bless
  • thak u mike for jesus ne 1 else got anwsrs
  • well it sorta depends on tha time tha funeral is happening if it is in tha 50 joyus days you say every thing in joyfull tune u say khrostos anasti and stuff lik that
  • but sum ppl can control them selvs but parents dont belev that
  • well thats wat i like about mi parents when they no ive done something they will still stand beside me but they will never say mi son wouldent say/do anything lik dat itz jst unbelevable how some ppl jst think that there family is the onli clean sin…
  • well ill tell mi point ov view and others i think it is compleatly normal for a guy and a girl 2 b mates but i no some people will try cross that line but tha other sex should just back off then ppl no how 2 deal with there own probs but mi church o…
  • sorri i ment deacons in the alter responses if ne 1 got ne thing elese
  • mi life without church and god i dont want 2 imagne it ive gone through so much problems and without the church i would hav been long gone by now so yeah i say sum of us might not think about how lucky we r to tell u the truth i havent either
  • [quote author=EgyptianCopt88 link=board=13;threadid=2290;start=0#msg34752 date=1123903818] I think basketball can go positively and negitively [/quote] well ive got 2 say basket ball is a great sport but when u say ur points about the negitive side …
    in Sports Comment by andrew64 August 2005
  • hay guys look im gonna say this short and 2 the point no1 eva sed that listening 2 this type of music is bad itz just the influnce u get frm listening 2 it see i listen 2 eminem and nelly and 50 cent etc.... but there is 1 thing 2 it u dont c me say…
  • 1 hymn that hasent been mentioned is mi altime favourite isbateer long
  • some congration members had a problem with him and there way of dealing with things is not very pleasent and they confronted and the talked 2 him in a very very bad manner so bad to the exxtent that he couldent stay ne more these ppl also threatend …
  • [email protected] please add me thanks God Bless
  • liturgy of at John ive nevaheard of dat b4 i no that there is st Basil, st George and st ceyrl (dont no how 2 spell it) neva heard of st John
  • o tell u the truth i dont no but wot u can do is go 2 your church library ok where ever your church orders books and ask the persn in charge if they can find 1 and if they cant tell them 2 order it frm australia and if that dosent work tell me and i…
  • yes i do
  • hay guys i would lik 2 ask a question also. if abouna is dead 2 the world then how come he still sins cuse if u r out of this world u cannot sin cuse the worlds where sin belongs and if he is dead 2 the world then how dose he sin some 1 please anwse…
  • hay andrew64 it is andrew64 funy thing that we hav the same name hopefully ppl wont think i am u and u r me anywayz welcome andw64
    in hello Comment by andrew64 January 2005
  • "OMG PLZ DON'T TELL ME IT WAS HER FAMILY:" hay rina wot on earth r u on about wot about her family
  • hay guys i am probally thefurtherest 1 from u guysi am in ST MARKS coptic orthodox church in auckland New Zealand for those of u who dont no where that is it is south east of australia
  • I agree with Magnoona4lyf and sorry if you think that this is getting out of hand but as she said, alot of things don't bring u close to God in some sense, sorry bout any missunderstandings, maybe i got a bt carried away. God Bless Verena
    in Music Comment by andrew64 November 2004
  • Jfranklin if a girl was raped and couldn't get to a hospital it would be a burden to carry a child at sixteen. in all other cases it would be cruel to kill the baby. It woould be selfish to kill something so innoocent. thanx for your insights. Vere…
  • Hay fady, Just wanted to say that you are a brave person. Carry on and may God Bless you. Don't let anything put you down, hold ur head up high. If you haven't done anything wrong, noone can do anything to you. About dat person dat hit you or slapp…
  • Hay Rina, You can get the songs of either, or These are really good music sites. you just go on them and search for the song or the artist you like. Hope that gets you what you want. Hey, how old are you and where do u live??…
    in Music Comment by andrew64 November 2004
  • Yes but muslims are like that and they think in this sort of way,, y can't it be just normal to go for a normal swim with a couple of friends?
  • NOOOOOOOOOO way, if they were raped they are definetley allowed to abort. They shud b any way imagin trying to explain to everyone that the father of this child is a rapist. If u don't explain then they'll think u've been sleeping around or ur husba…
  • hay, yea, ummm thanx guyz, I get wat u are all saying. It is not wrong... It doesn't brain wash me or n e thing. and I did forget RUBY and MTM but dey are not the best, the best is Ragheb allama and Hany Shaker even thou they are old.... u like ruby…
    in Music Comment by andrew64 November 2004
  • ummm if the change would not affect our beliefs and would bring all the christian dominations together than it is worth being considered. As somone stated the type of change should be specified and should not change the ways of out teachings. It wou…
  • it is the third one you said thankz