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  • @ophadece it is part of a larger article dealing with Coptic music more generally, from the electronic version of the Coptic Encyclopedia:
  • While there are transcriptions done by western musicologists dating back to the 19th century (which are suspect not only due to the difficulty of accurately transcribing Coptic music, as it was not systematized according to the ochtechos system used…
  • I've had two shots of the Moderna vaccine, as recommended by my doctor. My doctor is not "the world", unless the world is a younger Indian guy who works for the local community health clinic, and I am not trying to appease anything or anyone. I'm tr…
  • I got a text message from my cousin today that said they are taking him off of life support. He has been alive until now but not responsive to either treatment or stimuli more generally (family visits, doctor examinations, etc.), so the decision was…
  • Thank you for all of your responses. It's nice to see a new name and a few I remember. May God protect and strengthen all of you and protect you and your families. Unfortunately, Mabsoota, there aren't any churches open around me right now that woul…