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  • Thank you Mabsoota :)
  • When does the abstinence from food stops? After the last Friday of the Great Fast or after the Great Friday of Holy Week?
  • Thank you Minatasgeel.
  • That’s the words but the recordings are the annual one. The Kiahk tune I’m talking about is this: Do you say it in your Church or just the annual tune?
  • Another question, out of curiosity, who on this forum say it annual and who say it in the Kiahk tune like Mo3allem Fahim? What I noticed so far: - Mo3allem Albert from Coptic Heritage said it should be annual - Anba Raphael does it annual as well
  • Sorry for my ignorance, but I don’t know Mo3allem Fahim. Is he someone the Holy synod follows or someone who does something on his own?
  • Talking about the Adam intro, I’m currently in Egypt and when I say “ouon oumetcemnos” during the verses of the cymbals, the Mo3allem keeps telling me that there’s a mistake in Coptic Reader, it’s not “pikosmos” but “paikosmos”. Have you heard abou…
  • That makes sense, thank you :) Is there a video or website in English that explain the musical structure of a Watos and Adam tune?
  • Also, why are you saying that Adam has "Anon kah" while on both Coptic Reader and ( it's not mentioned?
  • Ok, so the Adam difnar from Coptic Reader is wrong, hence the confusion. Live recordings and books are supposed to be the same, the Mo3allem follows his book. Regarding my questions, I can't follow the books as the intro for the exposition aren't wr…
  • Thank you for your answers it's becomming clearer.But I still have a few questions though, you're gonna hate me :( First exposition The difnar has on Adam days- Amoini marenouosht- Shere ne Maria- Ouon ouhelpic- Ouon oumetcemnos Ibrahim Ayad says- A…
  • I could only find up to the 4th hoos: I managed to get most of the content from the verses of the cymbals but there's still some unique parts at the end in each exposition that I don't know: - First exposition: Amoini, Anon kha, then the last part …
  • Those intro are actually the ones we say during the antiphonary (difnar), one is for Adam days, the other for watos days. But what I don’t understand is that: - Ibrahim Ayad doesn’t just say those intro, he adds more parts to them - And he adds dif…
  • @Kerlous I need a website to copy and paste.
  • Ok so some of you say it's part of the annual rite, some not, I'm confused :( A more general question, what are the sources of our Coptic rites? What I mean by that is how can I get more information on our original rites (all of them) and the differ…
  • When Ibrahim Ayad went to the US in 2015, he said Tenen during an annual Tasbeha (Coptic Society Tasbeha on youtube). That's why I always thought it was part of the annual rite.
  • Hi, I tried the Coptic unicode on Mac Os and it doesn't work great.You can't use the space bar, nor the "command" key to do a select all or copy/paste. Is this issue known? Also the "kha" is different:- ϧ- Coptic unicode: ϧ Do you know …
  • Thank you very much :)
  • Hi, How can I convert a text in unicode coptic font to Avva Shenouda font?I installed Arial Coptic font on my mac, copy and paste a text from this website in MS Word but Word doesn't recognise the font even if the Arial Coptic font is in the list of…
  • Hi Ophadece, Thanks a lot!
  • Thank you for the confirmation.
  • Thank you all for your insightful answers :) I wish we could all have one version for all Churches. This is always awkward when I lead Liturgies in Churches I'm invited because I never know what they will say. And this "I/we" is just the tip of the …
  • Hi minatasgeel, if the synod accepted what you said, how come the deacons of our Pope say nomen?
  • Hi Ophadece, Thank you for your answer. Deacons who think the correct way is "Amen, we believe" say that there was a typo in the Coptic, it shouldn't be ϯⲛⲁϩϯ but teⲛⲁϩϯ.In the same way we say in the institution narrative:- We believe- We believe th…
  • Thanks both of you for your answers :) To answer your question mabsoota, I'm not Egyptian at all, but French married to an Egyptian girl, living in Australia.Because my wife and I serve often in upper Egypt (half a year every year), I learned Egypti…
  • I've noticed that on and Coptic Reader, they put the "tanween fatha" sometimes on the silent 3alif and sometimes on the letter before the silent 3alif. Here's some examples: - ولروحك أيضًا.- والمجد لله دائماً. What is the proper way to p…
  • Thank you very much mabsoota. The word God is well written to me, are you refering to a hamza on top on the 3alif like this: أOn my mac it's shift+B Or a tild to make it an 3alif maddah like this: آOn my mac it's shift+H
  • I have another question, is it customary to sing Evlogimenos when a Bishop arrives or is it better to sing Ekesmaroout?
  • Thank you very much for your help :)