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  • @ItalianCoptic why do you suggest praying the 3rd hour instead of the first after waking up?
  • lol good point @CopticBoy101. @ItalianCoptic you're very right, i'm probably overthinking it too much. But why the 3rd hour? Please forgive me for all the questions, everyone!
  • Thank you @mabsoota and @CopticBoy101! I understand that those are the hours, but what if, e.g. i happen to be awake past midnight? would i then pray the 12th hour or the midnight hour?
  • Please post the mid-term here once it's finished, as a history student I would love to read it!
  • Thanks for the response! had no idea it could've been so many things, and I'm certainly not inclined to believe it was the third option, as I'm certainly not doing as much as I could/should be.This is the second time its happened though, hence why I…
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  • This is the edition I'm referring to:
  • @minatasgeel the one you linked looks very nice, but I'm cheap so I ordered the Fr. Azmy version (€3 difference lol). If everyone uses it, I assume it has to be at least okay? I use the Coptic Reader often but I'd rather have a physical copy...
  • Your reasoning relies on the assumption that Christ is a mere 'child' and therefore 'innocent.' However, fathers such as St. Cyril I made it abundantly clear that terms like 'Father' and 'Son' are only relative, as we cannot fully comprehend the wor…
  • Thank you very much!  @mabsoota that's a whole handful of saints! Do you also have an icon of each one, or do you simply venerate them? And how did you come to choose them? Sorry for all the questions!I think @Jojo_Hanna is right, I may well end up …
  • I've read the stories of St. George and St. Demiana from the Synaxarium, and I find the life of St. George to be (sort of close) to my own, so perhaps I could choose him...I've been thinking about St. Macarius also, due to the wisdom which he posses…
  • "It can be someone after whom you are named, but read the lives of Saints and choose from there." Cheers for the reply @Jojo_Hanna! As I already wrote, I was named after Yacoub the Israelite patriarch. Should I then ask for intercession frm him? I k…