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  • It's accepted if they accept us. Metropolitan Abba Pishoy and Father Tadros Yacoub Malati said so. We made an agreement with the former Greek Orthodox patriarch of Alexandria called "common marriage" or something like this.
  • I am not sure they have met originally. I don't know what happened.
  • George Bebawi wrote books having heretical thoughts and claims that Pope Kyrillos is the one who said that. Those books were condemned.
  • Inheriting the sin means that we have sinned in Adam so it's not only Adam's sin but ours. If Athanasius didn't mention this clearly, Cyril did. I am not focusing on the person of Athanasius or his general teaching. Of course the state of corruption…
  • Every single Christian believes that sin doesn't have an existence but it is an act.
  • No, they say that sin has no existence so it can't be inherited. That's because they misunderstand the concept of inheritance itself. Also, I am saying "those guys" because I don't know how to refer to them properly in English. St Athanasius used th…