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  • Hello brother thoktetegom, In response to your point: "I do not agree with the last part that Orthodoxy is based on facts, yes it is but we walk by faith and not by sight or else we would be "scientologists" if we believe based on facts solely. Chri…
  • Greetings Coptic Soldier, thank you for your response. I am the author of the article so am happy to respond for myself. I must say I agree with almost everything you have written including the below: "I cannot speak on the will of the author, I am …
  • With all due respect thoktetegom, a church has been built in Texas with her name, her relics are venerated in our Church and people consider her a saint. Orthodoxy does not work simply by miracles or peoples emotions. Also there is no evidence the b…
  • Yeah, an interesting story indeed :)
  • Hi Masboota, I've spoken with Thilo a few times in the past on some theological topics, but nothing more than that. His story is great
  • Hi Learning Orthodoxy. I'm a Greek that joined the Coptic Orthodox Church and I absolutely love it. I also struggled finding resources on Orthodoxy specifically from the Coptic perspective, so with much effort I developed a website with articles f…
  • May the will of the Lord be done, now and always and unto the ages of ages. God bless u too Jojo
  • Ethiopia didnt begin as a see :) it became one after many years as a Church evangelised and established by the Copts. It slowly evolved it's own culture, after beginning with a Coptic flavour. The Copts themselves were first evangelised by Jews res…
  • Hi Jojo, in the same way the Greeks have an Orthodox Church in Greece with it's own unique culture, the Copts in Egypt with their own unique culture, and the Russians, Ethiopians, Syrians, Arminians, etc, in my opinion it would be amazing if one day…
  • Thank God Zoxasi, sadly the Greeks consider me a heretic. My hope is for an Australian Orthodox Church one day, with the depth and beauty of Orthodoxy, and Australian culture. One day, God willing.
  • Thank u Mabsoota, it's all a product of God's amazing love, grace and mercy
  • Hello, I've taken you're feedback on board and created an 'About Me' page. Hope u enjoy the site
  • So true George27, we received the relics in my Church from a Coptic Church in Old Cairo, and our Abounas didnt think for a moment she was not a saint. One day I looked for her in the Synaxarium and couldn't find her. This sparked my investigation. S…
  • This article will explain. She's not a saint in our Church and should not be venerated as such.