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  • Speaking of the Ethiopian Church, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians are currently in need of prayers and support from sister churches and their members.…
  • I see. Thank you for your helpful responses mabsoota and Italian Coptic
    in Prenups Comment by senir January 28
  • Thank you very much for that. Is this agreement an offical one that everyone is encouraged to follow or is it one that you came up with based on your knowledge etc? I had a conversation with Christian friends and they were saying they would sign a …
    in Prenups Comment by senir January 23
  • Thank you, yea we are having a movie session and so we will only be showing one movie this time
  • Thank you guys for these awesome suggestions
  • Thank you very much for that advice and the details in that message. Sure, I will continue to pray and try these steps. Yes, I have been taking a water bottle and snacks and I think that has not been helping. I will get my sister to help me with kee…
  • Keep praying, maybe listen to ternima (Christian songs) to get you motivated. God bless
  • Amen Amen, thank you for your prayers and your comments. I am feeling much better and I have started facing my fears slowly and God willing I will continue to improve. Please continue to remember in your prayers and God bless you all
  • Hi there,  I am not sure about how you can tell them because I don't know what your parents are like and the way they might react to particular ways but I am here to agree with you that sometimes living in your own space does allow one to have a mor…
  • Amen and thank you @mabsoota. Please remember me in your prayers.
  • Thank you very much for your reply @ItalianCoptic. Your comments have made me feel better and yes patience and prayer work. You comment about how I might be there to help him than develop a relationship that will lead to marriage has made me think. …