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  • Thank you very much for that advice and the details in that message. Sure, I will continue to pray and try these steps. Yes, I have been taking a water bottle and snacks and I think that has not been helping. I will get my sister to help me with kee…
  • Keep praying, maybe listen to ternima (Christian songs) to get you motivated. God bless
  • Amen Amen, thank you for your prayers and your comments. I am feeling much better and I have started facing my fears slowly and God willing I will continue to improve. Please continue to remember in your prayers and God bless you all
  • Hi there,  I am not sure about how you can tell them because I don't know what your parents are like and the way they might react to particular ways but I am here to agree with you that sometimes living in your own space does allow one to have a mor…
  • Amen and thank you @mabsoota. Please remember me in your prayers.
  • Thank you very much for your reply @ItalianCoptic. Your comments have made me feel better and yes patience and prayer work. You comment about how I might be there to help him than develop a relationship that will lead to marriage has made me think. …