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  • The majority of the population in Sub-saharan Africa are christians(the majoirty of black people in Sub-saharan Africa,Carribean,Latin America are usually pentecostals christians a very fundamendalist form of christianity,orthodox christians make up…
  • Hello Andming and wolcome to this forum!You are Greek?I am Tigrayan(Abbysinian) Oriental Orthodox Christian.
  • If we are talking about behaving like Orthodox Christians, that is a time for love, not anger. Those homosexuals must understand that these churches in Amhara region and Tigray region (Amhara region and Tigray region have got a great Orthodox chris…
  • I am not Copt but i am Tigrayn(Abysinian) Orthodox christian and member of Ethiopian Orthodox church (look here if you don't know what mean Tigrayan Abysinian ).Don't listen his …
  • Amhara people and Tigrayans are also known as Abbysinians and our home(Amhara region and Tigray region in North Ethiopia and also South and Central Eritrea) is Abbysinia.
  • I believe that Tigray from Eritrea and Tigray from Ethiopia and also Amhara region from Ethiopia must be one state.Tigrayans and Amhara people have got the same religion(the great majority of these two ethnic groups are Oriental Orthodox Christians)…
  • In Ethiopia Amhara people,Tigray people and Agew people are the three ethnic groups who are largely members of Ethiopian Orthodox church.Tigray region, who has 96,5% Tigrayan majority has got 95,6% Orthodox Christian majority https://en.wikipedia.or…