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  • Dear Monfret, you are not exactly correct. The inquisition was not soley based on the Catholic faith but rather to gain favour from the then power obsessed Pope of the Catholic Church. They killed Cathars as they threatened the power of the clergy. …
  • Sorry @minasoliman, I read an article wrongly. What I mean to say is that both Catholics and Copts have similar beliefs. It's impossible to trust online news. Once again I'm sorry
  • Dear Hiten,in times of despair, you should seek refuge in god. Perhaps sharing your troubles with your local Coptic parish can help you. Maybe you should try relaxing or study differently too. I hope that you can overcome your difficulties, god bles…
  • The Coptic faith is slowly reforming itself and is now one of the more active Eastern Churches. The Coptic Church has been constantly evolving, that is how we managed to survive despite being at the heart of the Islamic world.
  • Dear Babros,I know of many converts from Islam to the Coptic faith due to marriage. At the same time, I've seen some of my Coptic friends leaving Jesus for Islam. Babros, do not just convert blindly for the girl you love. Many Muslims are often diso…
  • Dear Justice,welcome to the Coptic community. Follow the bible and love your mother and treat her with respect. Over time she will gradually come to terms with your conversion and welcome you back. We Copts in Egypt have experienced persecution and …
  • Mashallan my Coptic brother, just note that the Coptic church is in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. The only difference in the practices is the calendar, when copts celebrate Christmas on 7 December while Catholics on 25 December. Ple…