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  • Greetings,'Abune Paulos's authority and legitimacy was questionable by the majority of  Ethiopans. Here is why:  Abune Merkorios is from the Amhara ethnic. In 1991 when the Tigrian reble force, i.e current government,   ( from the Tigray ethnic cons…
  • Thank you AN for the translation which I found inconsistancy. Some of the words are difficult to fine the exact meaning in English. In any case here the impartial correction to the previuse translation AN posted = the BOLD and Indentation is mine. T…
  • Hi again, I would like to post PDF or Jpg file document regarding the original charges posted by the Holy Synodos,, how do I do that ...if you can help. one of the charges were abune Antonios reached out to the government complaining about his disag…
  • A.N,Every time I sent you email, it comes back as address error and showing "[email protected]"
  • Just FYI,If I recall correctly,the church requested the government to assign a guard to prevent any unnecessary intrusion in to his residence for safety.  in Christ,H.A
  • Greetings , This is not professional translation and should be read as such. The video is a get together with the office of the Patriarch and synodos The third Patriarch His Holliness Abune Antonios gave general and specific GreetingsGave thanks to …
  • RO,Very good approach and Excellent questions. You hit the "hammer on the head" answering those questions are critical to the issue at hand.  That's what I was going to discuss before the forum change the venue. Thank You.haymanot abew
  • Greetings AntoniousNIkolas, thank you for your interest and engaging on my post and happy you liked my name. I have to admit this situation is a tragedy no one wants to talk about and unfortunately conveniently manipulated to fabrication by politica…
  • Dear minasoliman,As a children of the Christian Orthodox faith, involving the Church in politics is not wise as you seem to suggest. I suggest you learn the facts to understand the truth surrounding this matter. Let me say this, I have read more tha…