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  • And I think you should read up on the papal bulls wich did in fact condemn the muslims to perpetual slavery in Iberia.a papal bull can never be reproached.that means that the catholic church til this day encourages  iberian muslims to be enslaved. …
  • He is right on one thing,the Catholic church is not the catholic church of yesteryear,since 1965 there is no more catholic church as all bishops excommunicated themselves upon signing vatican II and its numerous heresies and the catholic church ceas…
  • Mina,I never said Christianity is violent or has committed atrocities.the Orthodox Oriental church was always pacifist even enduring opression and not rising up with the sword.the Catholic''church''on the other hand has a history of warfare sanction…
  • Thank you mina soliman.God Bless you thanks for your kindness in your answer.I appreciatte your nonjudgemental critique.feels good to be part of this forum.
  • I follow the armenian church that one can marry any trinitarian christian.
  • minasoliman,lol wut?what the catholic church did to the cathars wasn't based on religion?what about the Crusades?what about the inquisition and condemning all muslims to slavery by papal bulls?what about the Genocide and rape of native americans by …
  • also Aionon and olam does not refer to eternity but rather a period of time,so pls dont quote me with verses,Ive read them and sincerely disagree with the translation or rejection of its symbolic meaning usually taken from the symbolism of the OT in…
  • But far more serious than the denial of physics and the laws of nature was the denial of the precautionary principle – if our concerns about sea ice loss and repercussions (particularly a methane excursion) had even a small probability of proving co…
  • No Im serious.great researchers agree with me like Sam Carana,Paul Beckwith,guy Mcpherson and the Arctic Methane Emergency Group 
  • No Ive made my mind up already,I will get married with a armenian priest after I get baptized in the armenian church so I can then marry any christian .its not my fault the OO is completely absent in Madagascar.
  • Minatasgeel,are You saying that if I get permission from a OO Bishop to get married by a roman catholic or eastern priest it can be done?can such permission be procured by Telephone?I likely can get married in a OO church but Im just making plans fo…
  • Minatasgeel,I'm pretty convinced that the Eastern Orthodox are today fully Orthodox.I'm pretty sure any Trinitarian christian can go to paradise.I would have Joined the Armenian Church since they allow you to marry any Trinitarian Christian,I will b…
  • I'm convnced due to Professor Guy Mcpherson's  Decade long Research,that the temperatures will rise about 5-10C in the next 10 years.the only place that will be inhabitable is the southern hemisphere,So I've made plans to escape to Madagascar.if civ…
  • So would it be better for me to convert to eastern orthodoxy?Where Im going has eastern orthodox priests but no oriental orthodox.I haven't been baptized yet at all,I'm new to christianity.
  • what if there was a roman catholic or eastern orthodox riest available?wouldn't the sacrament be illicit but valid since they have apostolic succession?
  • So if youre in a far away land and can't find a oriental orthodox priest youre basically screwed?
  • wouldn't this be a case for oikonomia?and what if you have 2 witnesses but no priest?
  • I spoke to a very Kind and generous man named bishop anba arseni and he absolved me from my vow.He is the bishop of Netherlands and Belgium.He is very humble and Kind and Gentle and speaks 3 languages fluently!