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  • Even many EO's who are online know just enough about the Coptics to know that we aren't that different. In my experience we are actually a little bit more confused about the Ethiopian Church than about any other OO Church.  I actually visited a Cop…
  • I'll just throw my two cents in. From the Copts I have spoken with, this forum not included, I am hard pressed to find any huge disagreements on Christology. I actually think we (I belong to the EO Antiochians) have a much larger problem with Roman …
  • That was a really great post Tobit. I actually just read this article that reminded me of what you said: Even though I am coming int…
  • @Remnkemi  That blows my mind that this is even a thing in the Coptic Church. What is it about the Coptic Church that makes itself susceptible to this stuff? I'm afraid that soon you all will end up looking like the typical American Catholic parish…
  • Nah my name isn't actually Menas lol, I just really like that saint. I guess I never realized how complicated it all was, that actually kind of sucks. Does intercommunion ever occur between Eastern & Coptic Orthodox? 
  • I was actually really curious about this as well. When I first read about Protestant songs/instruments in Coptic Churches I was seriously stunned. Is this really that common?