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  • I didn't want such a big mess... does anyone have any words from Ibrahim Ayad or any of the cantors or any Synod decree settling this?? :(
  • Hey, I know I'm a bit late but I'm willing to help. Message me and we can talk about what you need.
  • This year, my church played them very quietly and without the triangle (tirianto), although the rule, to my knowledge, is that there are no cymbals during Holy Week.
  • @ophadece @anba_antonious thanks so much, God bless.
  • @ophadece,It would make sense in that case. To say "each one", we say piouai piouai, literally "the one the one." Also, in the Basilian Institution Narrative, the priest says "...`ebol qen paiwik vai@...pai`avot [email protected]`ere tenhiwis..." The prefix pai…
  • O-o-nee a-ti entho Maria / tiSave ouwoh en-semne / ti mah-esnouti en-eskeenee / pi-Aho emepnevmatikon+Ti-chromp-shal enkatharos / thee-etasmooti khen penkahi / ouwoh acfeeri nan evol / en-oukarpos ente pi-epnevmaPi-epnevma emparakleeton / fee-etaf-i…
  • A church in the area around me recently gave a lesson on it and posted it online, as well as a recording without teaching.Here are the linksNo Teaching: Teaching: 
  • @Remnkemi @ophadece Thank you guys so much :) 
  • @minatasgeel I just realized I never linked the video >.< here it is:
  • There is a SoundCloud of this hymn being said in Greek. I'll see if I can find it!
  • Aspasmos literally means "greeting." The hymns of the aspasmoses are said during the Liturgy of the Faithful- the Adam being said before "Through the intercessions...", and the Watos before "The cherubim..." The most well-known Adam Aspasmos is Onof…
  • I'm very confused about this... Here's what me, someone who has never heard Chi-o-oinee or the Doers Commentary before, got. 1- There is no festive Adam commentary. 2- The festive commentary is Watos only. It is NOT the Kiahk Commentary of the Doer…
  • I've been told that if there is no recording from Moa3lim Ibrahim, HICS or any other Cantor are to be assumed as correct unless it is outdated (ex, hymns that include the name of the Pope still saying Shenouda. Change the name Shenouda to Tawadros…
  • @minatasgeel when I meant equal I meant that no deaconess is to be viewed as inferior to a deacon, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. And youre 100% right about everything you said, I'm sorry.
  • > CopticFighter > Lyrics: [url=][/url] I like this one: [url= This is a glorification hymn for St. Mary, but I think you can say this in the annual time too fo…
  • (Talk about a late response amirite) Hello everyone from 11 years ago.. I'm updating this so other people can find it. Personally, I have been taught that a- deacons should not smoke or drink *much*. I put stars around must because this was an old …
  • @GraceWisdom @minatasgeel @Joshuaa Thank you all so much. `Ari`vmeui `nje `P[oic, Daniel
  • @minatasgeel @ophadece Thank you guys so much. God bless. `Ari`vmeui `nje `P[oic, Daniel.
  • @ophadece "Remember me before/in the Lord" (rough tranation.. also I realized it should be Aripamevi.. whoops) -- @amoussa01 Thank you so much, God bless you. But I have a sort of follow up question regarding the Watos introduction. I stumbled upon …
  • Hello to my brothers and sisters in Christ,   To start, please take note that Coptic Reader has, at times, strayed from what the Cathedral/the cantors of the church/old church books have said. A prime example would be, in the case of the festive Hit…