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  • That is often the case in my church. On Good Friday in particular there are people who try to shut out others because they believe that they are saying the hymn correctly and everyone else is wrong. This causes confusion which is why we mess up some…
  • If midnight tasbeha is prayed during Lenten weekdays are cymbals played.
  • Yeah that's what I always thought. How come some churches play cymbals during fai etafenf on covenant Thursday and Good Friday?
  • I remember watching a video of a Palm Sunday liturgy in Jerusalem by the reposed metropolitan that was there and the deacon, looked to be a regular deacon, was using the censor instead of sayedna.
  • I kinda heard about that in the past but was stuck on the part where that person must be ordained a priest. And also, do you know what was done with the Body and Blood during the liturgy on Palm Sunday in Tanta
  • I found a better recording of this hymn.
  • When is this beautiful hymn chanted? I've never heard it before this.
  • I found a video that features Fr. Abraham from Holmdel NJ, giving a biblical perspective of homosexuality. +++ Same Gender Marriage - An Orthodox Perspective - Modern Challenges of Faith +++
  • Is it safe to say that the spirit in the form of a dove, "And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, see, the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting on him." (Mt…
  • I've always wondered why the Last Friday is a big deal and is celebrated as if it were a weekend Lenten liturgy. I know it is the last technical day of fasting for Lent, but why is the weekend tune and hymns, such as Teeshori and arpamevi for the Pr…
  • Btw, skip to about 12:55 to hear the Pope's part until the end.
  • That is correct. In this recording by Ibrahim Ayad, he says the verses of cymbals for most saints and for the pope and bishop. I hope I have helped you find what you need.
  • Tentiho erok o eyes theos: ethrekareh eponkh empenpatriarshis papa avva (Tawadros) piarshi ereps: matagrof hijen pefethronos. You can probably find a video of a liturgy where there is a bishop present and watch the matins of it. But other than that …
  • > Joshuaa > It begs the question of why are you attending their masses? It seems a bit casual. The partaking of the Eucharist I mean. The reason I attended these masses is because I go to Catholic School and we sometimes go to mass. It is n…
  • Nem pefkeshvir enlitorghos: peniot ethowab endhikeos: avva (...) pimetropolitis (piepiscobos): matagrof hijen pefethronos. And his partner in the liturgy: our holy and righteous father: Abba (...) the metropolitan (bishop): confirm him on his throne.
  • It'a usually kids and teens that don't drink the Blood, however I have seen many adults not have both. Usually there's a Eucharistic minister off to the side with a little bit of wine in the cup and not many people go to him/her to drink the Wine. I…
  • I totally get it now. Thanks for your responses as I know that you know way much more than me and have studied way more than me. I know that this forum is a reliable place to ask my questions and I know I will get an answer every time. God Bless you…
  • Thanks for the quick response. But, if the psalm is long, can I perhaps break it into another stanza and add another Alleluia because it would sound off to say a bunch of words at once. I appreciate all you do for our Coptic Community and pray that …
  • I'm in New Jersey. Thanks for the help. There's s monastery in Pennsylvania St. John Patmos monastery and I'm actually going up there shortly. So I'll keep that in mind.