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  • Of course, the narrow path is not easy but God never forgets our tries and efforts. He will continue to bless us abundantly for our persistance. God be with you my brother and sister in Christ
  • Congratulations our brother and sister in Christ, may God fill your hearts with His joy and peace so that you may continue the journey with Him. Follow Him, He is waiting for us always :)
  • Hi, I've seen this posted before and thought I should share: If you left the Church or a department in church to get away from hypocritical people, you should also quit your job, drop out of school, disconnect yourself from all social media platfo…
  • I absolutely agree, you cannot have an answer if you do not seek one. Take the initiative to ask so that not only do you benefit but the other youth your age do too! Maybe Abouna can do a lesson for the youth group about this matter. In our church o…
    in Why? Comment by mtawad January 2016
  • I think this is a good opportunity for you to become close with your father of confession, he is your guide and your direct personal connection with God as God has made him a responsible for you and gives him the wisdom to guide you. Never be embarr…
  • No problem! Yes it is May God bless your service
  • In all honesty, I really think you should talk about this with your father of confession. He will be able to guide and give you the wisdom of his experiences from other sons and daughters in confession. He knows you best and what is in your  heart s…
  • Hi!This issue is totally understandable and many youth battle it in today's world but as God's children we must always be alert and remind ourselves of four important things (this helps me a lot): 1) We live in the world, but we are not of this worl…
  • Hi! I think this a great idea, although I have never been there yet. I am actually very close with the Abouna who is serving there: Abouna Zakaria. A group usually goes for 2 weeks or so but I do recommend discussing with Abouna Zakaria as to how lo…