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  • @remnkemi I agree with everything you have to say. In the event that there is Church Canon concerning the diaconate it is up to the Synod to address the matter and come to a respective conclusion. This does not necessarily mean going back to ancient…
  • This blog post gives a lot background into the origin of many of the ranks of the diaconate, though not…
  • @qawe I'm only speaking in regards to the diaconate service. Nothing else. Again, not sure but where am I implying that we should ignore fellow OO in the diaspora? I never spoke to setting up competing dioceses either so I'm really confused by those…
  • @qawe I don't think there is anything wrong with top-down uniformity from the Coptic Synod whose purpose, to my knowledge, is to make decisions for the congregants concerning rites and matters of the Church in an effort to unify the Church. This inc…
  • @minatasgeel I don't believe the traditional definition of the subdeacon is still prevalent today. @qawe In terms of the Church growing throughout the globe - then yes, it is globalizing.
  • Christforlife7, Very refreshed to hear someone is making an effort to study the diaconate of the Coptic rite due to its ambiguity throughout time. It becomes integral that the traditions of the diaconate are standardized in an effort to further stre…