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  • Thankyou for your help Andrew, however I'm looking more in particular for a collection of Psalis for particular saints. For example there are Adam and Watos psalis on this site for Abba Anthony I believe…
    in Saints Psalis Comment by danny May 2018
  • Khristos Anesti! Ophadece could you please expand on this note that timeet esnoti is said after the pauline, not before? What about To Makario?
  • Khristos Anesti! Does anyone have the lyrics or another link for this hymn? This is the only thread about it I could find, and can't access the link provided above. Thanks for your help if anyone can!
    in amoni? Comment by danny May 2018
  • This is the only other recording I know of
  • Any updates at all? I'd love to hear more recordings!
  • Thanks very much Aba, I should improve my internet search skills, that site seems very interesting. Given further thought, I think that hymns education in my church at least is severely lacking. I don't mean, learning the hymns, but learning about t…
  • Thanks very much Mina, I really appreciate the in-depth answer, and the files uploaded are a wealth of information :)