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  • And if that is the logical conclusion of what you are suggesting, then better to come out and say it directly, as opposed to intellectually dishonestly leading us all down a slippery slope to Episcopalianism. I suppose "intellectual dishonesty" is s…
  • @Amoni I actually agree with everything you've written. But I wonder whether you actually believe this: "priesthood, for example, is a male role, and should never be otherwise"?I don't expect you to admit this publically since it would undermine you…
  • I only say this because what if we were (hypothetically) granting the male chanters to perform some of the duties of the priest.  Should the female chanters be allowed to do the same? Of course not.  Also, this 'maleness' and 'femaleness' argument a…
  • Is there a way to watch these episodes online? Are they on Aghapy's Youtube channel?
  • Thanks Minasoliman! I'm actually an old contributor, but I've returned. Deaconnesses should not read anything out in the church. Deacon is a word meaning servant and they have a specified service and not to read out any readings in the church full …
  • Well, I'm certain there would be some outrage for exactly the reasons you both cite - I'm not sure if you're agreeing that there should be outrage for those reasons or not. Either way, I don't think we should be upset to see girls wanting to read an…
  • I only have one problem with the female choir: it begins to lead to other things that may be a bit shocking to the Church or unacceptable. For instance, a couple of years ago in a church in Covina, some of the deaconesses chanted the Paschal psalm i…