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  • Ibrahim, whats your purpose on Earth? To serve God?When i say Atheist, i just dont believe in God because no faith has really interested me. And think about it, how could God expect to you believe such a miracle of some God dieing for us? In general…
  • Holler All, All due respect "CopticSoldier", i think i would know what i believe in...And secondly, this ain't about me but for us as a community to discuss the matter. Right? My paragraph is not denying that Jesus existed. Even Islam accepts th…
  • Ask your self some questions...Why would it be a sin to learn about another religion which you believe is wrong? You will only grow tolerance to those who believe different that you, and thats the first step to peace. In general, you'll be doing y…
  • Importance? Significance? These questions need to be dealt with care, and should be portrayed on your own experiences. Excuse my blatant interruption, but to what extent has Jesus aided in our lives..I like to label myself as an Atheist. Peace.…