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  • Dear Aksios, Here's the link to the Batos Defnar "year-round tune". Wagdi Bishara
    in difnar response Comment by WB July 2009
  • This Exposition is to be chanted same as the DOERS EXPOSITION "Al Falaa". If you have a messenger ID, I can send you the hymn. Wagdi Bishara
  • Hos Eroph, You really made a good point when you said texts in the books should have tune, than remain died. But, I guess I will join MINA with what he said. What I meant regarding Tennen, is that the HICS did not record the second 2 verses, but…
  • Hos Eroph, Thank you very much. I did check the weblink you attached. There is a fact you need to know about the HICS recordings. After Dr. Moftah depart, the recordings were re-edited, some hymns were added and some were taken off. There was no sup…
  • Thank you Mina, Great Work.
  • Well, you will the following books: Deacon's Service "Khedmet Elshamas; Bsalmody Kyahk Psalmody Kholagy You may find them on I will get them from Egypt soon, and I am working on saving them in PDF format to be availabl…
  • Tennen Hymns's text can only be found at Deacon's service Book Nahdat ElKanaes. You may find the first 2 verses, which are known in the church in the following link I will speak with Min…
  • Hi My name is Wagdi Maher Bishara, Alexandria, Egypt. I Live in NY. I used to serve in St. George Church, Sporting, Alexandria, Egypt. I am deacon and I also have education from both Egypt and the US in LAW. I learned the Hymns from late Great…
  • This seems to be the reply for the litany of the departed that is usually prayed after the commemoration in the annual days. It seems to be an attempt to install the pinisht tune on this altar. It has no grounds from Master AlBatanouny, Alexandrian …
    in kiahk psalis Comment by WB December 2006
    in Tparthenos Comment by WB December 2006
  • Im sorry, my reply might be too late. Check out this link, although it is not complete, but I do have the cd, much clear, well edited, and tracks are joined.
  • Check out this link, although it is not complete. However, I do have the complete version on a CD, well edited, and much clear.
  • In "Akel Amlaak" we say Tay Shory. In the Weeding we Say Ti Shory. According to the book of Deacon Service "Khedmat El Shamas", Nahdat El Kanaes, 4th Ed., 1977, CAIRO. Which is the accurate reference.
  • You may find the short tune in the following links:…
  • You may check this one. It is the accurate Liturgy of St. Gregory. Its is based on the teachings of Master Michail AlBatanouny, Cantor Farag Abdel Messeih and Cantor Tewfik Yousif. I did merge the only surviving hymns from the Liturgy of St. Cyril t…
  • You may also find it in this link Wagdi
  • It seems to me like you are talking about the Greek Hymn of "Okirios". You may find that at the following link:
  • Try this link
  • Try this link
    in Palm Sunday Comment by WB September 2006
  • You can only install the tune on the Arabic Lyrics. It is not hard to do, although I would never encourage any one to do this.
  • Its my favorit too, and here's another version to this hymn according to the Great Master Michail AlBatanouny. Thanks
  • Here are the links to the Raising of incense and the two liturgies of the coptic church. They are based on the teachings of the Great Master Michail AlBatanouny in the 20th century. I have the clear version on cd's if you are interested. http://tas…
  • [quote author=baladoos link=board=2;threadid=4292;start=0#msg59196 date=1156128247] Hey Guys I just listened to the psalm response for the Great Lent Days said by Ibrahim ayad on So I was asking, are we supposed to say the same psalm r…
  • [quote author=baladoos link=board=2;threadid=4301;start=0#msg59262 date=1156215605] Hey Guys, I just thought about something, what hymns do I need to learn to be a professional deacon? I basically know almost all the alhan for the feasts, the Baskh…
    in Learning hymns Comment by WB August 2006