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  • Actually, I have never heard anything about this before. All books say that you do an entrance from the church door to the royal door.  However, the argument in #2 is flawed since by that argument, "Christ cannot be offered as the Lamb on the altar …
  • That quote of St. Athanasius doesn't mean that "we inherit the sin." We were for sure under the rule and the effect of the sin. There is no doubt about that. St. Athanasius also concentrates on the process rather than that one act you keep mentionin…
  • Here is the way I look at it, not that I am that invested into it: 1- "those guys" that you are talking about DO NOT say that sin doesn't exist. They simply consider that to inherit Adam's sin, the ACTUAL ACT contradicts freewill, which is a gift gi…
  • In general, it's very easy:1- Annual* Katameros: has readings for all days of the entire coptic calendar (Sundays being different from all other days--days readings borrow from each other since they are based on commemorations rather then a system o…
    in katamares Comment by minatasgeel May 20
  • You can't, nor can you add any font to those devices. 
  • Kiahk is part of the Annual days katameros, no special readings. Most of the days borrow from others anyways
    in katamares Comment by minatasgeel May 20
  • I don't think it's a Greek hymn...not one that you can find in the Byzantine rites. It's a Coptic hymns that happened to also be said in Greek.
  • as it written out in Greek or what?!
  • You're right. And that's why the churches are currently, at least most of them, are closed. 
  • @Ricci...many make that argument, and technically is correct. But the think is, just saying that alone is not correct. The Church IS:- The Assembly of the Believers- The Brick and Mortar buildings- The Clergy (Priesthood) All of those make up the Ch…
  • Well, i wouldn't say "each psalm" had a tune, but i can definitly agree with you that we lost a couple of tunes. The entire rank of Psaltos was mainly to just chant the psalms in liturgical services. 
  • I like the one that's here: Other recently take that tune and make it longer and stretch it and make it "sound good" in recordings. I don't believe it makes it an…
  • Well....that recording is probably older than don't let the quality fool you
  • hmmmm.. i don't think i'll be held accountable for that?! but that's ok. I'll live with the long as i get to access the church.
  • haha. yes. Ondos used to be rare...but M Ibrahim recorded here: And it became famous with Asomen and a couple of other hymns. 
  • I am getting to that desperation too mabsoota....and the church for me is not even 5 mins driving. literally go straight and take a left.
  • I don't think it works that way. I believe the system we have now was put by the Apostles and their disciples to make sure Christianity be forever, with the increasing number of believers. That old way can't live on. In fact, i think doing so would …
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 4
  • You will also not read anywhere is EVERYONE who was the follower of Jesus was baptizing. The commandment of baptizing was ONLY giving the disciples as it was mentioned before, and no mention of anyone later that a baptism was accept if it was done b…
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 4
  • The hierarchy that you see now in churches, you wont find in the Scripture. You'll find hints that allude to everything we do, even for Protestant churches, but nothing that is clear or spelled out. That's why the Orthodox Church doesn't believe in …
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 3
  • We keep going in circles Ricci. I think what I mentioned above is clear enough and it wasn't my own personal opinion, but it's what is taught in our Church. I am not sure why is it confusing or why are you stuck on this specific case.
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 2
  • Well, the Bible says he only knows the baptism of John...meaning that he might of been a disciple of John the baptist, and the 12 with him. I don't know if John's disciples were baptizing or not....but in any case, it would of still be John's baptis…
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 1
  • Acts 19:19 And it happened, while Apollos was at Corinth, that Paul, having passed through the upper regions, came to Ephesus. And finding some disciples 2 he said to them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?” So they said to him, “W…
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 1
  • No, you missunderstood. While both baptisms are valid, they were not the same. One was for repentance and one was for salvation. Christ's baptism is superior and it is the one that's needed for salvation
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 1
  • Apollos was a follower of John the Baptist, so that baptism is the same.  I wouldn't use the word "invalid"...but it was a different baptism. We say it's the Baptism of Repentance. John himself said:Mark 1:8 NKJVI indeed baptized you with water, but…
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel May 1
  • Welcome. 
  • You are correct, we believe that baptism is a must too. But what really matters these days is who is doing the baptism. And throughout the Gospels and Acts and the all NT, this baptism that was accepted and is mention was always done by either one o…
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel April 30
  • @Ricci So there are a couple of questions i have for you:- which priests or people are you asking about this? which church or group are they from?- are considering baptism to be an open-ended card for forgiveness of sins?- who do you think is allowe…
    in creeds Comment by minatasgeel April 29
  • are truly "mabsoota" all the time. I don't think we would go too far to make the changes that you want, except when other do agree. I mean, if a group sit together, get the coptic text, and agree on a translation based on cer…
  • Almost everyone uses that one because there is one version that also have parallel arabic and english. At St. Mark's jersey city NJ we used to use the Montreal yellew agpeya, until they stopped printing it, so we made our own:…