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  • Can Somebody Help me and Translate this Taraneem by Haidy Montaser if you don't mind called: "La Tashmaty" I love this song, the music is great :-)  I really Love Haidy music... Beautiful to the ears.. Here's a song I wrote called " My Lord" I hop…
  • Good morning teji aflio,   Thank you very much for the video link and all your Help... Will check Taraneem music is absolutely awesome... The first time I heard Saket Leh....  knocked me off my feet ... Have a good day !
  • Good Morning everybody...  If anyone has a video link of Haidy singing Saket Leh... I would like very much to watch it !!! 
  • Hi +marmar+...  Thank you for the Link... Haidy Montaser not only has a beautiful voice, but also creates some incredible music... The Lord must be very pleased... May God Bless you :-)
  • Hi teji aflio, Thanks for the Link.... do you have one for kharig aswarik ? Thank you again.
  • Thanks John_S2000 for that translation  ..... Yeah Marmoura99 was a big help for me... The music & words are awesome !!! Like I said before Now I know what it was like for folks in the 1960's who didn't know or speak English to hear the music of…
  • Marmoura99 you are my angel :-)  Thank you for the definition of tarneema... You're my new Teacher ;-) The more I read the words/lyrics the more beautiful they are to me... The words and music really do go hand and hand... they belong together...…
  • Hi Jesus.Son,   Thank you for your information... God Bless You !
  • Hello Marmoura99,   Thank you for such a quick response to my request, you made my day "really" !!  The Lyrics are just as beautiful as the music...  now I can listen with my Heart and ears and know what is being sung/said ! Looking forward to th…
  • I'm from the United States.. Recently I heard for the first time a song/Taraneem by Haidy Montaser called Saket Leh... I immediately fell in love with it.  I do not know the lyrics or words, but music being the universal language of the Soul touched…