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  • Thank you all... For your posts @mnc_hnn I've seen the dating series! I love abouna anthony ! If I know someone in a relationship with another Coptic boy, but their parents don't know What should I do?
  • Hi everyone I just wanted to clarify I am NOT the person who is getting married I am still in school, nor do I have a boyfriend, nor do I want on or will get one All I wanted was some answers from people outside of my family to see if we were all…
  • my church is very small, we don't have a lot of youth so I don't know how often abouna hears it also how do you suggest i rephrase it?
  • the closest is 40 minutes away but I don't have any relationship with that church
  • I know I have these moments but, I've been thinking about it for a veryy long time! Also, I don't think that I would change what type of Christian I am, honestly looking at it makes me depressed. And I understand I may come across fake, but honest…
  • thank you for your reply well my priest doesn't really speak that well english, and I don't speak that well arabic so when I do confess to him, it takes a very long time for him to understand me I find that I'm not able to confess all my sins beca…