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  • [quote author=SaintaMaria05 link=topic=3078.msg106181#msg106181 date=1252641969] THIS IS A MUST READ Father Arseny Priest, prisoner, and spiritual Father This book combines everything you're looking for into 1. You'll love it and it is very easy …
  • Thanks, mabsoota, that is what I have been wanting to know.  Thanks everyone for you helpful input.  Pray for me a sinner.
  • Thank you for your help.  I am aware of the difference between OO and EO but as you said I look for the union of the two one day soon--let it be, O Lord.
  • The Horologion bears great similarity to the Agpia.  Several of them can be found online for comparison.  (one example:  Generally, I do not believe that …
  • Are all the hours generally prayed at home or just certain ones?  Are there some hours that are given preference or prominence rather than others?  Are all the Psalms listed used every time a certain hour is prayed?  Sorry to be so full of questions.