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JeSuS D CoOl DuDe


JeSuS D CoOl DuDe
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  • [glow=red,2,300]ignore that reply i wasn logged on my name!! so silly![/glow] hay GUYS! :) thanks heaps for giving helpful points on the question. Coptic_Avenger and Paulh that kind of teasing is based on a lov between you and whoever but…
  • Hectic 5 ay? well....i dont think 5 is a big enough number but hay why not? anyways 1. St Mary 2. St Marina The Monk 3. St Marina The Martyr 4. Archangel Michael an St Bishoy (My Chuch)
  • hay :) i know most of u guys have already answered that question. but i know a different stance to this one!... in a simplified version or one that you could tell lil girls is this story... that your a princess and your crown in your hair because it…
  • thanks defender! ;) i have kinda noticed that you are very opinion oriantated! which can be extreemly good thing! either that or you just have a lot to say on every topic...which is still a good thing lol. its nice to see people getting involved wi…
  • hay! how are you all? GOD bless.. firstly i know this is a bit side tracted from all the other responses but that question is such a great one!... honestly if i saw GOD i dont think i'd ask him anything...i would be to speechless :o (which is impo…