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  • The God we worship is the God of the New Testament who died to redeem the human race. He said that u can sin and remain sinning, but so long as you come back to him, ur safe
  • If I could say one thing. God does not hate the sinner, but the sin. Homosexuals are people too. They shouuld be given rights granted by laws of their country. Not many people know, but the 9th Amendment in the US constitution allows the right to ev…
  • I've heard before that it was nine hours, or midnight, whicheer was longer. the point is that you are waiting anxiously to worthily receive the body of Christ. In doing so you show tht you look forward to it.
  • so essentially your being a devil's advocate???
  • Recent news update: Maine has repealed its vote allwoing same-sex marraige. Just throwing it out there.
  • I know my father of confession told me to pray and read the Bible constantly. In doing this you take your mind off of these impurities.
    in Help! Comment by coptmorous October 2009
  • My father of confession told me yo pray and read the Bible constantly as it will keep your mind off of sin
    in Sin Comment by coptmorous October 2009
  • [quote author=peterfarrington link=topic=8438.msg107394#msg107394 date=1256837319] I think God is everywhere by his very nature. Sin is a wrong use of the will. It is a choice apart from God. It has no existence at all. No reality. No being. It is …
  • Couldn't hell be described as eternal sin, because sin is an action that does not have God's presence?
  • [quote author=Ioannes link=topic=8438.msg107289#msg107289 date=1256675576] [quote author=coptmorous link=topic=8438.msg107238#msg107238 date=1256576227] Kind of going off of what ioannes said, people choose their fate. They either pick to follow God…
  • i remember asking an abouna like this. It is against the beleif of the church, because it makes you the taker of a life, and not God.
    in PAS Comment by coptmorous October 2009
  • Is she purging after meals? Do you know?
  • I have a facebook. As stated many times before, it is only wrong when you use it improperly. [quote author=jibrahim23 link=topic=8402.msg107042#msg107042 date=1256157663] Facebook is not bad.  I have a Facebook.  I made a group for my church and ev…
  • There is an icon in Saint Mary Church in East Brunswick of the 3 Anba Macarii
  • I think that it has it's side effects to the point where oxygen becomes limited. My father passed out one liturgy because there was so much inscence in the air.
  • Kind of going off of what ioannes said, people choose their fate. They either pick to follow God or Satan, without a neutral. Even Jesus says you cannot half-heartedly love him, saying it is better to be against him than lukewarm. Also God is loving…
  • We just learned about this in health. She needs professional help as soon as she can, because eating disorders never go away. She says she will try, but she enjoys losing weight, it's almost like a high. This is not going against her sanity, but it …
  • [quote author=peterfarrington link=topic=8416.msg107144#msg107144 date=1256307329] Dear epchois I do not agree that the appearance of the universe has been falsified by God. Can you explain how you would create a forest of trees, with mulch on the…
  • Ioannes, forgive me, but I think there is some hatred in your arguement. Yes I know that evolution is wrong, but couldn't evolutionists argue that they had faith that the world was created through the Big Bang? Couldn't they use your arguement to pr…
  • St. Tekla. One of the most inspirational stories I have ever read. For some reason he reminds me of Samuel the Prophet though...
  • I have a new one to add. Tekla- the saint of Ethiopia depicticed with 6 wings
  • the only prblem i see is that the other peoples did not have the oppurtunity to know God. God chose Abraham and his descendents to be his people, leaving many others to die. That coupled with the fact that God didn't give Israel's enemies a chance t…
  • It is ok to join the military as long as you do not want to kill people. If yopo join to protect ur country and such its okay.
  • I knew him and i miss him very much. I pray for Sonia Mia, and Monica. God Bless You.
  • As said before, Israelis are using their former status of slaughter as a shield from global discipline. They never had a right to force the Palestinians off of their land merely because they were hurt. If Billy punched Bob in the face and Bob wanted…
  • The question of Jesus snning... I think that being God, he does have a free will, but being Almighty and infinite, knows what his own commands are. If God did not have a free will, how would have He created the universe? He chose not to sin, because…
  • The copts were never first. St. Mark only came to Egypt after being with St. Paul. It's in Acts until they split up. The Catholic church refers to the Holy Church in Rome. Ironically, Catholic actually means universal, meaning that the church was un…
  • cwvwwwvdfvwwxwx, ur in personal issues. Oh well, welcome!
  • To be honest, after reading all of this, I want to hear a protestant's views on this. I know that there are a lot on this site. Anyone willing to respond?
  • Well, there you have it. The Bible says that it is wrong. Confess and stop doing it.