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  • or you can try this good book (deep and spiritual, read slowly over several days) or this one (easier to understa…
  • italiancoptic - if you would like to get his books in a better translation, i know a translator and can find out a link where you can see what books are available in good english.
  • widen your search for non coptic orthodox churches.i have been to this one for a brief visit to pray: and think they have relics. it was during the time of restrictions on touching stuff in church, so i didn't look …
  • they changed it now to 'Divine liturgy'. it originally said 'diving liturgy'! it reminded me of the time i was looking for a new mattress and the lady in the shop asked me if i wanted an orthodox bed.i laughed and said that would be great for going …
  • well, if it will take a new person a couple of years to become a full monk, that shouldn't be an immediate problem.i was surprised to see that there seems to be an upper age limit in some monasteries.i assumed you could join as long as you weren't i…
  • is it your grandfather who wants to go?
  • if u are still a psaltos, you are probably under the age of 80, so should to go by my reckoning!(disclaimer: i am not a member of clergy nor do i have any connection to monasticism)
  • thanks for the link! how are you doing?long time no 'see'.may God give you peaceful week and lots of chances for exercise outside:)
  • may God have mercy on you and all your family and give you wisdom to know when they are ready to discuss spiritual things further.
  • bishoy_labib, if bashandy is too busy celebrating theophany, maybe ophadece knows the person you are looking for, he knows all coptic speakers!i hope you are successful in your search:)
  • is that coptic for 'i want to join too?' sorry, ophadece, yours is too long for me to guess!happy theophany:)
  • may God give you His timeless peace and grace
  • a friend of mine told me today the orthodox study Bible was too superficial.:-O she has all the commentaries of abouna tadros. i am still on the orthodox study Bible.i have only skim read 2 or 3 commentaries by abouna tadros.i am clearly still a new…
  • may God have mercy on the departed person and the man / woman who did it.our job as Christians is to get to know our neighbours and show them His light (taking care when this is dangerous).may God give your neighbours peace and grace.
  • the orthodox study Bible is awesome.(i may have mentioned this before once or twice...);-)
  • that was my problem, canadian copt! i realised i was much, much less holy than them and needed church badly!but seriously, we can learn a lot in this time, it is just not easy...
  • PSforgot to say 1,000 congratulations on the baptism!or, as you speak some arabic:الف مبروك
  • may God give yr leaders it is nearly as bad as the first time around (my hospital is full and overflowing), and most of the country can't socialise (we are allowed to meet 1 person each in the park or street, no outdoor coffee shops open…
  • welcome from your old happy friend!may God give you and your family peace, when we had our 2nd church closure in uk, the government allowed churches to be open for private prayer, although many stayed closed as they were not sure it was safe to open…
  • the best answer!
    in Hatred Comment by mabsoota January 3
  • ok, it is explained here: i didn't study music after age 13, i think the school had limited resources and i wasn't the most talented!
  • ornament \|~¬ wiggly lines
  • aah, here are the hazaat (wiggly lines) together with the tune: there are 2 types of hazaat.just when you thought it could not possibly get more complicated...:)
  • thanks. i work in healthcare, so no time off for me!is the tune used till Theophany? is one i hadn't seen before. i have not learnt enough hymns with hazzat to understand it without hearing the tune though.but i love learn coptic hymn…
  • do small parts of the liturgy and tasbeha (night praises) in coptic.offer hymns classes once every 2-3 weeks for anyone interested.from this group, ask each person (we need to get to know people personally) if he/she is interested in learning more, …
  • all churches are / should be mission churches.i don't recall our Lord saying that only some of us should go into all nations baptising ppl in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • ok, i am curious, can someone please link to the tune you are discussing?i am praying our church will add some extra liturgies so we can celebrate Christmas - i think they are struggling with planing the liturgies for january as there are so many pe…
  • dear estaphanos philipos,we love coptic. even those of us who have come from outside the church.we also love translation into languages people understand.we love to welcome people in our churches.we love the old uncles and aunts who are not cultural…
  • in the book of acts, there weren't separate churches for jews and for gentiles.nor in the early churches.