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  • Any recommendations for priests, excerpts that I should include in a future release?  The names that come to mind are: - HG Bishop Bejamin (1963 Liturgy) --> Low quality recording, SUPERHIGH spirituality - Fr. Abdel Messih Marcos --> Rare rec…
  • [quote author=geomike link=topic=10221.msg125094#msg125094 date=1292968665] Don't remind me of Michael Hanna and the other developer, I have been trying to contact you guys and you just ignore me, it's getting ridiculous. I loved the first version o…
  • Mike, its good to hear from you.  You guys have done such a great job with  It is in my opinion the best coptic resource on the internet today.  God bless all your efforts. Some of the priests that are included, just off the top of my …
  • The Liturgy is in both arabic and coptic. Abouna Yassa Rizk had an AMAZING voice.  If you listen closely to Abouna Saweiros Marcos's St. Basil Liturgy, Abouna Yassa & Moalem Ibrahim are the Moalemeen leading the chorus.  You can really tell dur…
  • Version 1.0 provides us with a code base upon which we can expand to add more features and future functionality.  Good idea though!!!
    in iCoptic Comment by isaacht January 2010
  • Version 1.0 of iCoptic has been released on the app store. Here is a link to a preliminary page that contains a demo video. Looking forward to hear your feedback.  Happy feast of Nativity to all. …
    in iCoptic Comment by isaacht January 2010
  • Hello everyone, This thread came to my attention through one of our youth, because he knows we are developing this app.  iCoptic is an application developed as a part of a larger project called the coptic library.  The aim of this project is to dev…
    in iCoptic Comment by isaacht November 2009