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  • are any of these pple church Fathers Ignatious papias Justin martyr Aviricius Marcellus Tertullian Clement of Alexandria Hippolytus Cyprian Nepos Coracion Lactantius Commodianus NESS
    in Rapture Comment by NESS55 January 2010
  • now i would say this is there any possibility that God could have created a system (evolution) to bring about creation... im just asking this as a question but i know pple who think this way and they are smart pple perhaps wrong but who am i to judg…
  • [/quote] I am sorry my friend but I cannot agree with you. Evolution is not a testable theory, it is not observable in any way shape or form[/quote] if u think about it neither is your belief that God created everything in 6 days NESS
  • i loved the book by CS Lewis called A Grief Observed it is basicaly his sorrow over the death of his wife and the pain he is vary open and transparent and i think thats why i love the book so much NESS
  • [quote author=Godislove_ link=topic=8396.msg106873#msg106873 date=1255646280] DO NOT BELIEVE ANYBODY WHO SAYS GOD IS DEaD OR HE IS NOT REAL CHRISTIANITY IS THE WAY FOR HEAVEN [/quote] yes i would agree with u on that statement but when you are d…
  • no no im not affended at all if i was i would have sent u a pm confronting u privatly :) any way... no i am vary interusted in what other people are thinking about the Last days the study of Daniel and Revelation and all that good stuff NESS
    in Rapture Comment by NESS55 October 2009
  • I always think it is funey how pple talk about bad things happening so then they blame it on God my question to them is "Where did u get ur idea of good and bad?" or they say things like there are no absolutes (but isnt that statement an absolute …
  • yah im sure the Copts dont agree with rapture and all that good stuff :) im sure u all think im going to hell any way i posted this tread a long time ago / i havent even been on this site for a long time ... i think my thoughts have changed on th…
    in Rapture Comment by NESS55 October 2009
  • Father Peter Farrington i greatly appreciate ur coment and i quote We should not ask - must we abstain from sexual relations during the fast, or will it be counted as sin - rather we must seek to understand what the fast means and what the aim of th…
  • [quote author=DimyanCoptic link=topic=8009.msg103216#msg103216 date=1242607632] My church priest tells everyone to dress nicer than when in school. I personally wear jeans, and a button-down shirt .. God bless you all [/quote] haha the school i go…
    in Dress code. Comment by NESS55 May 2009
  • Its the Orthodox church in America NESS
    in OCA? Comment by NESS55 May 2009
  • [quote author=grace08 link=topic=7637.msg100442#msg100442 date=1235366232]   It seems like people in church are more judgmental than people outside.  How can that be if we call ourselves Christians?  Where is the compassion and love?[/quote] Yes I …
  • The book of Jude brings us comfort when we come accost false teachers i have written some thoughts on the book of Jude on my blog NESS
  • [quote author=Pharaoh714 link=topic=7467.msg100242#msg100242 date=1234529056] [quote author=NESS55 link=topic=7467.msg98601#msg98601 date=1229739000] ok here is a question i have been thinking about Jesus Christ is the 2nd Adam then who is the 2nd …
    in 2 Eve Comment by NESS55 February 2009
  • so you cant take communion there? wow why may i ask so when they say that they have closed communion i thought they just ment non Orthodox but actualy they close it even to you wow thats like a big deal if you came to my church you could have com…
  • dont display your ignorance Baptists are dispensationalists and dispensationalism is a transdenominational systematic theology and is not limited to any state or church on the other hand i do agree with you that some are bad (that is why i am a pr…
    in Rapture Comment by NESS55 January 2009
  • [quote author=QT_PA_2T link=topic=7520.msg99038#msg99038 date=1231198555] [quote author=Lostsinner link=topic=7520.msg99029#msg99029 date=1231180285] Rapture is the idea that at the end the good people are gathered for the judgement and the bad peop…
    in Rapture Comment by NESS55 January 2009
  • [quote author=QT_PA_2T link=topic=7465.msg98599#msg98599 date=1229733763] [quote author=childoforthodoxy link=topic=7465.msg98598#msg98598 date=1229732912] Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ, I was wondering if there is a certain part of the c…
  • I am from a non denominational church (protestant) however there are a few families in my church who go to Orthodox church (varying) after they come to my church i am interusted in the Orthodox church NESS
  • [quote author=Hisservant link=topic=7378.msg97848#msg97848 date=1228169161] binC is being a little ignorant, the protestants rejected these books because they did not see them as authentic, the Orthodox church did find the "apocryphal" deuterocanoni…
  • 9Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. Would you please show me where in the Bible St. Michael the archangel…
  • i agree with you maybe dont you think that b/c the christian is saved there is no judgment for him b/c he has followed Christ? that judgment will be delt out only to the sinners NESS
    in Sins Comment by NESS55 November 2008
  • [quote author=Loca4Christ link=topic=7378.msg97794#msg97794 date=1228092070] I heard it was in the Bible. But, if it is not in the Bible then how did we know about it? [/quote] my vary question indeed NESS
  • One thing i just want to correct, is that the priest is not the one who is Forgiving sins but God who forgives through the priest. But as severus said, confession must go through a priest, its not acceptable to just confess to God, God already kno…
    in Sins Comment by NESS55 November 2008
  • [quote author=Severus link=topic=7388.msg97782#msg97782 date=1228087982] [quote author=NESS55 link=topic=7388.msg97781#msg97781 date=1228086770] cant you confess your sins to God directly? NESS< [/quote] Of course not. Allow me to refer you to …
    in Sins Comment by NESS55 November 2008
  • so it is kinda like the Roman Catholic church what about the priesthood of all belivers? cant you confess your sins to God directly? NESS
    in Sins Comment by NESS55 November 2008
  • like total Depravity? NESS
  • no i dont think it is however it maybe in the other books of which i dont have (im prodistant so i dont use the extra books) thats why i was hoping maybe you would find a refferance but thats ok NESS
  • ic must be a traditional thing NESS
  • were does it say that? NESS