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  • i know it does not have relevance and i did apologize to begin with anyway disregard my post or questions .I don't think i will start another thread for this because well does not have any personal relevance to me .i was just desmayed at the w…
  • Axum, i don't know what goes on in your church, but in my church this doesn't happen at all. what are you talking about ?? i don't get it .Which one is yours and which one is mine ? my question above is clear .
  • this is besides the objective of this thread so sorry in advance is the coptic church doing away with covering head for women and most of its tradition ? is the emphasis on tradition loosening in the coptic church ?? i would love to hear your inpu…
  • I have never heard of her but what is more shocking than miss v is the "coptic " church on the youtube video .Where on earth is that church ???
  • In the Coptic Church, we discourage alcohol all year-round and not just during lent. popekyr I think we belong to the same belief alcohol is discouraged in our church too ESPECIALLY during lent.
  • husband and wife sleep separately during lent (55 days) according to the Ethiopian church .I did not know it depended on the individuals FOC . Q i have is how about secular music and alcohol then ?? In the Etoc even the drums which are the center o…
  • In northern part of ethiopia in certain cities people simply won't let protestants rent any homes .The community has found this effective in driving out protestants in that part of the country .I wonder what your thoughts are on this .Mind you in ce…
  • There is noting more i have to add regarding this topic .
  • Growing up in ethiopia is proof enough.and Yes people did suffer as a direct result of the monarchy .I am not concerned about being judgemental or not because we are talking about facts and not judging .It is a recent history not a far off one that …
  • BTW What kalsam said was accurate .like he said  80 different ethnicities languished under his rule .i am not sure about the fight to restore monarchy momentum .Apart from a few confused rastafarians who want that back i have never heard of such a…
  • I would never ever in a million years support the old monarchy to be back to power . Ionnes i don't even why you would think of such a thing  :o
  • Hi ioannes Please make sure you go to a legitimate tewahedo church .There are so many churches who claim to be ethiopian orthodox .But the truth is they are called "tehadeso " .They are reformist but still go by the tewahdo name. Wo sibhat leEgziabh…
  • please pray for my daughter M . sibhat le Egziabher
  • Father peter what you said above warmed my heart  .That was exactly what i need to hear right now . sibhat leEgziabher
  • i will be caring for three children whose mom suddenly died .they will be in my care for a period of time .please pray for them and for me .For them to get some consolation and for me to give me some strength . wosibhat le Egziabher
  • i am interested as well.
    in My New Book Comment by axum August 2010
  • Thankyou all for your prayers .My daughter had her surgery and it went well .Please continue to pray for her because she has still certan issues going on .She is still at risk in the following few months . Sibhat leEgziabher .
  • I usually find your posts very informative .I like your honesty .i will pray for you .pray for me too .i also hope to read your book when mahebere kidusan publishes it . your sister in christ
  • This particular verse is mentioned repeatedly by pentecostals to sway the ethiopian tewahedo people  .They use this as a spring board to spray their toxic venom . I think father peter explained it very well .Knowledge is power .lets ourselves with…
  • please pray for my daughter who will be having surgery soon .
  • Father peter As i read what you wrote i felt that you were speaking to me .it is powerful and comforting indeed . Yousi May the Mother of God intercede on your behalf .May your find the everlasting peace in Christ because he has gave us his word …
    in Suicidal Comment by axum August 2010
  • I forgot ...gum tatoos are also very popular in ethiopia .
    in Facial Tattoo Comment by axum July 2010
  • cross tatoos on the forehead,neck ,temples, hands and chin is very popular in the northern highlands of ethiopia .My mother has one on  each hand and arm and my aunt has it all over her neck .This was done when they were little girls and they don't …
    in Facial Tattoo Comment by axum July 2010
  • mabsoota is right .Wo sibhat leegziabher means Thanks to God ! It is in GEEZ ,amharic and tigrigna as well. On Abba heryacos he was a bishop who was sad because people use to mock him about his voice and then he had a revelation or something of tha…
  • besime silassie Thankyou john for the info you wrote but the links are all in arabic .I can't read arabic. And yes besime silasse means In the name of trinity.What is a maymar? Wo sibhat le Egziabher .
  • 'Abesku Geberku!' dear sheba i can't believe you are equating what i quoted above with the holy sacrament of confession .you are absolutely misguided .What is more you seem to misguide others. muttering "omg" after sinning is not confessing .may chr…
  • sheba the more i read the more your statements made me fume .You are one of the protestant infiltrators .God have mercy on our beloved church coz it is being tested by your likes.
  • Sheba What you write is not true at least most of it .I am ye tewahdo lij and i find a lot of fault in your statements .Please refrain from speaking from the tewahdo point of view .
  • be sime Silassie "The signs, Hymnal instruments (we do not call it musical instruments!) that are being used to this day came out of the Bible itself.  The hymns we use in the church are guided by the Holly Spirit.  As a matter of fact, the church…
  • I LOVE SAINTMARK This tells me there is fundamentally wrong with people conducting the liturgy if they are rushing and omitting components of the liturgy .having said that............ there will always be destractions around you but pray to stay foc…