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john 20:16


john 20:16
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  • i think you should let people do whatever they want because god gave everyone free will and everyone should choose their path.
  • In the aftermath, your family should not be paranoid in my opinion because this was an act of god. God allowed this to happen because of some reason. Also it was the time for the Armaniuos family to go up to heaven. Plus we are not exactly sure that…
  • Wait i have a question...whats the point of getting a tatoo on your body of a cross if it says in the bible that you shouldn't have any body piercings or tatoos. If you have a cross hanging from your neck it would have the same meaning , only it is …
  • Thats what i said before. Anyway i hav one more question about the reply by ishenouda. It said that ALL jews will convert to Christians. What do you mean by that? Do you mean every single Jew in the world will convert or only a certain number? john
  • That can't be true because Moses already died and Enoch didn't. It says in the bible that in the end of time everyone shall die. So Moses can't be the one that fights the wild beast at the end of time, it has to be Enoch and Eiljah
  • I hav never really undersdtood the concept of the second coming. All i know is that Enoch and Elijah will come down from the heavens, preach, and fight a wild beast, and die in war. I also know that there will be an antichrist that will preform mira…
  • Bad things happen to good people because of sin. It doesn't really matter if you are good or bad, Satan will always tempt you.