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  • Dear Helen and Ray, May God bless you both richly in all the grace He has for you. Wear your crowns well. My, you look so happy...... Frannie
  • Dear Irinine, blessed sister in the Lord, God have mercy on me, a sinner. Thank you so much for your kind reply and for welcoming me to the church. It feels lonely at times, as if I were a stranger in a strange land. But the Spirit comforts m…
  • Oh, yes! I checked the Liturgy, and many of these songs are what i am lookig for. Thank you so much... thank you... i do have trouble navigating around all the labels which are unfamiliar to me. thank you...
  • Thank you kindly, I do attend mass, sometimes several times a week. I am learning Coptic via internet. What i would like to do, as I am a tutor, and I am aware of my "most effective" learning style, is to get the basic hymns (used most often), …
  • Please, I would like some help. I am new to the Orthodox Copotic Church. Actually, I'm an American of Irish descent... I am trying to learn the music and songs of the congregation. I have the liturgy, the Hours, etc. But learning the music and …
  • Hello Helani, I am not sure how much help I could be in music and the Coptic church. I struggle with the songs in Arabic and Coptic as it is. In English, I know many scriptures put to music, many psalms, etc. I am just not sure how it would be…
  • Thank you, Michael, Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction to find more information, and help me understand the "deaconess" role in music. I thought it had to do just with "social services" type things... Appreciate the help.…